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Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


Help create livelihood opportunities

The economic statistics of Pakistan are alarming – 24% of people live below the poverty line, a figure often pushed higher by natural disaster. Lack of infrastructure and employment opportunities mean people in the most remote areas struggle every day. Al-Wahab Foundation creates long-term solutions for struggling families by providing means for a stable livelihood, free from the grip of poverty. Donate today to create change for people across Pakistan.



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Your Support Can Change Their Lives!

Relieving another’s hardship is a crucial principle in Islam. Our founder Mufti Abdul Wahab believes that empowerment to achieve a sustainable income is the best defence against poverty and can create long term change. When you donate to our Rozgar project, your donation of Zakat or Sadaqah can not only help to create this income, it will also give independence and dignity, breaking the generational cycle of poverty. Donate today and change their futures.

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Families given a stable income

Why donate to AWF’s Rozgar project?

To break the poverty cycle in deprived communities, innovative and sustainable change is essential. Every person should have the right to work and gain steady income to lead a dignified life alongside their families and within their communities.

For many people in Pakistan, this right is hard to come by. Rural areas, dependent on agriculture, are often the hardest hit when disaster strikes, and social inequalities prevent many people from gaining appropriate education or training.

Pioneered by our founder Mufti Abdul Wahab, Al-Wahab Foundation delivers support to build empowering business and work opportunities that create resilience against future crisis. From providing transport that can generate income, to skills training, essential labour tools or halal business loans, your donation will create long-term change and independence.

Rozgar Project

Your support can provide security that can change a whole family’s lives.

“My name is Muhammad Ayaz. I was the main breadwinner of my family. Living in a household of eight already meant high electricity bills and food costs, but, since my children were ill, I also had to pay for expensive medication on top of other expenses. If it hadn’t been for Al-Wahab Foundation stepping in and providing me with a self-employment facility, I am certain that my family and I would not have been able to survive. We’re all extremely grateful since I’m now able to better handle our family needs and expenses. I earn sufficient income by driving the rickshaw which enables me to care for my family better. As a father and husband, my only wish was to make sure that my family had enough means to survive.”

How is Al-Wahab Foundation creating livelihoods?

At Al-Wahab Foundation we believe that creating stable incomes for poor families can provide brighter futures that will benefit whole communities.

With your donations, we provide tools and opportunities that create new livelihoods for people living in disadvantaged areas. A fair and regular income can empower people and provide for entire households, keeping them safer, healthier and protected from exploitation. Our Rozgar Project focuses on providing vulnerable families with employment-related tools like rickshaws and delivery motorbikes, so they can work for themselves and generate a halal income.

The Messenger of Allah (swt) said, “It is better for any one of you to carry a bundle of wood on his back and sell it than to beg of someone whether he gives him or refuses.”- Al-Bukhari and Muslim

Your donation of Zakat or Sadaqah has the power to change their lives with our innovative, long-term solutions to tackling poverty. When you give with AWF, you can be sure your donation will make a real difference to those in desperate need.


We receive your donation of Rozgar project.


We prioritize the long waiting list of deserving individuals.


After their complete verification, we give them a Rikshaw, Motorbike or set up a small business.


The whole process could take up to 10 months & after that you will receive a project completion report.

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