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Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


Give the Gift of Sight

Around 2.2 million people around the world struggle with blindness and vision impairment and almost half of those are treatable – yet many people living in poverty are denied the right to sight simply because they cannot afford treatment. Al-Wahab Foundation is working as an eye charity to deliver free eye camps and cataract surgeries to disadvantaged communities helping them treat and restore eyesight. Donate towards eye appeal today to give the gift of sight.

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Donate to Restore Their Vision

Vision impairment can affect a whole family’s health and well-being. Unable to work, families fall into further poverty. With your eye charity, our Eye Camps provide proper treatment and medication while referring those for Eye Cataract Surgeries who are unable to afford treatment. We work in some of the most disadvantaged communities, providing specialist consultancy and ophthalmic surgery with care. Donate today to eye appeal and transform someone’s life by restoring their sight.

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Join Our Eye Charity Appeal to Fight Against Global Blindness

We are working across Pakistan delivering Eye Care Camps in disadvantaged communities through our eye appeal to people who do not have access to healthcare. Our consultant service ensures that treatment is tailored and provides surgery and medication to combat vision impairment and blindness. 

We treat children, adults, and the elderly with sight-saving, high-quality medical care to help them back into education, work, and their daily activities. For those who need eye cataract surgeries, AWF provides a free-of-cost operation facility as an eye surgery charity organisation to prevent blindness.

For just £500 you can sponsor an Eye Care Camp to provide the facilities and equipment needed to treat hundreds of people whereas you can give the gift of sight to the less fortunate through eye cataract surgery by contributing £75 only. Your donation helps us in the global fight against preventable blindness through our eye appeal, giving hope to those who struggle in poverty.

Your Donations Saved Zafar’s Eyesight!

Your Donations Saved Zafar’s Eyesight!

“My name is Zafar and I am a father to five children. With ageing, I started to face serious eyesight issues to an extent that I had to leave my wok as a rickshaw driver. I was already struggling with fulfilling the expenses of looking after my family and so I could give no thought to how I may get my eyes checked or treated. A neighbour of mine told me about Al-Wahab Foundation’s free eye camps in our area. I went and was prescribed cataract surgery. With the generosity of donors, my eyesight recovered, and I am so thankful to Mufti Abdul Wahab and Al-Wahab Foundation for this amazing support.”

Free Eye Camps: Providing Vision Care to All

We believe that no one should have to spend their lives with preventable blindness simply because of poverty. Across Pakistan and many other countries, refracted errors and cataracts are the leading causes of blindness, affecting thousands of people living in poverty. 

Our Eye Care Camps provide free eye consultations and treatment to those in need, restoring not just their sight but their independence and freedom through your eye charity. When you give the gift of sight, you also help people back into work and improve their wellbeing, benefitting whole families with simple, affordable treatment.

Free Cataract Eye Surgery

Cataracts are the world’s leading cause of vision loss, affecting over 2 billion people and yet easily treatable with eye surgery. Despite this, for those living in poverty, a lack of access to free healthcare means they often suffer from blindness, unable to afford treatment. 

With your eye surgery charity, Al-Wahab Foundation is working in disadvantaged regions to deliver free eye surgery, restoring vision and providing relief. Our eye cataract surgeries take place in regions where those who are most vulnerable can be treated and cared for. From our Eye Care Camps, we receive hundreds of referrals for those patients who require surgery.

Your donations for Cataract surgery pay for their transportation and food, specialist surgical equipment, hygiene measures, medications and after-care to restore and protect the health. 

From as little as £75, your generosity and compassion can have a life-changing effect on someone living with treatable blindness, bringing back their sight and ability to live in hope and with independence. Donate to our eye appeal and help us restore their sight.

Your support has achieved so much so far.

So far, your charity with generosity to our eye appeal has meant we have been able to treat 18,284 patients through 93 camps whereas we have successfully conducted 202 free eye cataract surgeries in Pakistan. The donations that you gave have enabled us to set up eye camps in remote areas to ensure those who are most in need can benefit from eye charity.

Team Al-Wahab Foundation gives pick-and-drop facility to those surgery patients and provides them with hot meals. Al-Wahab Foundation is striving to serve new areas and reach new communities across Pakistan with your continued support. 

Your donations for eye appeal can have a transformative effect on those suffering from treatable eye conditions, allowing them to be able to return to work or education, providing and building for their families. With your Sadaqah and Zakat, we can work together to give back the gift of sight to children and adults struggling with preventable vision impairment and blindness.


You select eye surgery project and make a donation on our website.


We process the donation and send it over to our implementation partners, where eye camps are established in the chosen locations. Eye surgery patients are identified through assessments by qualified doctors


Eye cataract surgeries are carried out, and patients are also counselled in an awareness programme.


Detailed feedback reports are only sent to those who donated for eye surgery.

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