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Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


Providing Winter Survival Kits

Climate change entails harsher weather across the world. In Pakistan, however, it affects different areas at the worst. Discussions of climate justice explain how the outcomes of changing weather are experienced differently by different social and economic groups. It is unfortunate that many communities across Pakistan are at the bottom tread of the global social and economic ladder

RozgarWinter Survival KitProject
Winter Survival Kit
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Food Pack

Help protect them from the harsh winter

Your support to deprived communities can prevent their suffering this winter. Icy temperatures, particularly in rural areas, can be deadly for those without shelter or food, leaving many desperate families at risk.

Your donation in charity can become a source of Sadaqah Jariyah, protecting them from severe weather and providing you with endless reward.

From warm blankets and clothing to cooked food, donate now to help them survive this winter.

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How is AWF helping people this winter?

Wintertime can be difficult, including here in the UK. But for people in some parts of Pakistan, temperatures can fall below zero, leading to deadly conditions.

At Al-Wahab Foundation, we deliver your donations to those living in the worst affected, deprived and remote areas. Our Winter Survival Kits provide essential survival items to protect against the cold and wet weather. Because we understand that people have the best chance of survival when they are given all-round care, we also provide warm, cooked food to sustain families living in the most difficult circumstance.

Your donations can help keep people warm and healthy, giving them hope for the future.

winter survival kit donation

This is How Your Donations Saved Hamza from a Severe Winter.

“My name is Hamza Ahmed. I am the eldest of five siblings. We live in a small one-bedroom house and with the changing weather conditions, we face different sorts of challenges in survival. In winter, life is generally not easy here and for us, it gets even more difficult as we cannot afford proper blankets, warm clothes and other necessities. I want to thank Al-Wahab Foundation with all my heart for helping us to live through the harsh months of winter. They provided us with a winter kit including everything we need. Thanks to Mufti Abdul Wahab and thanks to everyone who contributed to this cause.”

What do our Winter Survival Kits include?

Our winter relief kits include items essential to the needs of those living in poverty and battling extreme cold.

You can choose to donate

  • Small aid pack: food, water and blankets to vulnerable people.
  • Large aid pack: food, water and blankets for families who have lost their homes due to the floods.
  • Additional blankets: distributed as urgent for all in need.

These packs relieve people’s immediate needs, but we are working hard to deliver long-term solutions. Our team are developing sustainable solutions to see people through the winter months and provide further protection.


You select winter project in winter kit survival and make a donation on our website


We process your donation by creating budgets for food and water supplies, warm clothes, blankets, sweaters, etc.


Our team identifies area worst affected in terms of weather and income status.


Our team arrives with aid to affected areas and distributes packages to identified families.

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