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Fitrana & Eid Gifts

Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


Share the joy of Eid

As we near the end of Ramadan 2023, your support means more than ever before. Eid is a time of celebration, and you can share that with those who are struggling in severe poverty. Pay your Fitrana or give an Eid gift to a child in need and share the blessings of Eid. Let them know they are not forgotten.

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Give now and change their Eid

Eid is almost here and your generosity can still achieve so much more. Give your Fitrana donation today to help those living in severe poverty by relieving their hunger and brightening their Eid. Share the joy and give an orphaned or vulnerable child a gift so they can celebrate Eid too. Your kindness means everything to those who are struggling.

*Zakat is not applicable to Fidya, Fitrana, Kaffarah, and Iftar Packs.

“The Messenger of Allah (saw) ordained Zakat ul Fitr (Fitrana) to purify the fasting person from indecent words or actions, and to provide food for the needy. It is accepted as Zakat for the person who gives it before the Eid prayer; but it is a mere Sadaqah for the one who gives it after the prayer.” (Abu Dawud)

Fitrana or Zakat ul Fitr, is a payment due by every Muslim, adult and child of the amount of one saa’ of food, equivalent to cupped hands worth of grain, rice or other staple food. In today’s currency, this is £5.

Fitrana is due to be paid for every person in the household. Parents or guardians can pay this on behalf of children.

Your fitrana payment purifies your fasting and can be given at any time during Ramadan. Donate now to feed people in need.

Give an Eid Gift to a child in need.

“ I am so happy to receive this Eid gift from Al-Wahab Foundation and Mufti Abdul Wahab. Thank you for remembering us on this festive occasion.” – Mansha, Pakistan.

Our gift packs provide joy to children from families who cannot afford Eid gifts. From toys to clothes or books, your gift will let children know they are not forgotten and that they too can be excited about the goodness of Eid.

‘Those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, and establish regular prayers and regular charity, will have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.’  (Quran 2:277).

Eid Gift Pack

Thanks to you, Muhammad and his family were able to enjoy Eid last year.

“We are a family of 8. I am glad to receive this gift from the Al-Wahab Foundation and Mufti Abdul Wahab, who remembered us and made us a part of the Eid celebrations.”

Share Eid with Al-Wahab Foundation

Since 2014, we have been working in disadvantaged areas to bring relief to those struggling in poverty. For many people, despite the celebration of Eid, the hardships continues.

Your payment of Fitrana or Eid gift can ensure that the most vulnerable people in Pakistan, Turkiye, Syria and Uganda can celebrate Eid with a healthy, nourishing meal, joy and happiness. Our local teams work in remote areas where high levels of poverty mean food and basic necessities are scarce. Your generosity can give those who are suffering happiness and relief this Eid.

Share the joy and donate now.

Fitrana 2023

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