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Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


Help the Hungry with your Fidya and Kaffarah this Ramadan

If you are unable to fast for a valid reason during Ramadan, you can fulfil your religious obligations by offering Fidya and Kaffarah to provide sustenance for those facing hunger. Your contribution towards our Ramadan Appeal 2024, can nourish individuals in urgent need during this sacred month.

Fidya Per Person
Fidya For Whole Month

Alleviate Hunger Through Fidya and Kaffarah Donation

In Pakistan, a staggering 8.62 million individuals face extreme food poverty. Soaring food prices have pushed millions into a state of dire need, requiring immediate assistance.

By directing your Fidya or Kaffarah contributions towards AWF food projects, you can support those in need, earning yourself rewards and blessings during this holy month of Ramadan.

*Zakat is not applicable to Fidya, Fitrana, Kaffarah, and Iftar Packs.

What is Fidya in Islam?

Fidya is a payment that is due if you are unable to fast due to an exemption such as long-term illness and cannot make up your missed fasts at a later date. Your Fidya donation can feed people in need and ensure that you receive rewards for your act of worship during Ramadan, even if you can’t fast. Exemptions from fasting include old age or medical conditions that make fasting detrimental to your health.

‘Fasting is for a fixed number of days, and if one of you be sick, or if one of you be on a journey, you will fast the same number of other days later on. For those who are capable of fasting (but still do not fast), there is a redemption: feeding a needy man for each day missed. Whoever voluntarily does more good than is required, will find it better for him; and that you should fast is better for you, if you only know.’ (Holy Qur’an 2: 184)

The Fidya for Roza is based on feeding one person two meals for each missed fast. The current Fidya rate is £5 per day.

Pay Fidya and Kaffarah

What is Kaffarah in Islam?

If you intentionally break your fast without a valid reason, you will need to fast for 60 days to account for this. However, if you are unable to do this, you can pay Kaffarah for breaking fast, which is a payment to feed 60 people at the current rate of £5 for each broken fast. So, a donation of £300 is due for each broken fast.

Frequently Asked Questions for Fidya and Kaffarah

The current Fidya rate is £5 per day.

Kaffarah for breaking fast in Ramadan is a payment to feed 60 people at the current rate of £5 for each broken fast. So, a donation of £300 is due for each broken fast.

Fidya is paid for intentionally missing a fast with some valid reason, like medical conditions, pregnancy, etc.; however, Kaffarah is only paid if you break a fast without a valid reason.

How to Donate Your Fidya and Kaffarah to AWF?

How to Donate Your Fidya and Kaffarah to AWF?Since 2020, we have distributed over 10,000 Fidya donations to people across Pakistan suffering from food insecurity. Al-Wahab Foundation ensures that every penny you pay goes directly to the designated cause. This Ramadan, you can donate your Fidya or Kaffarah through the following methods:

Donate online:

You can pay your Fidya and Kaffarah online through our secure online donation portal.

Donation Hotline:

You can call Al-Wahab Foundation at 020 8903 8944 and donate through direct bank transfer.

In-Person Contributions:

You can visit our office at 16 Village Way East, Harrow, HA2 7LU, where you can donate your Fidya and Kaffarah for breaking fast to provide food for those in desperate need across Pakistan. Our dedicated team will guide you through the process, ensuring your contribution makes a real difference.

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