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Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


Clean Water Saves Lives

Water is necessity in life. More than 1.1 billion people worldwide continue to face the challenge of lacking regular access to clean water. This dire situation forces them to consume unsafe water and live without basic sanitation, resulting in a devastating toll of over 2000 children losing their lives each day due to contaminated water. 

You can make a difference – donate water well or water pump today to support our efforts in providing clean water sources to vulnerable families and protecting them from deadly diseases.

Water Hand Pump
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Water Well
Clean Drinking Water

When you give water, you give life

“The best charity is giving water to drink” (Ahmad)

By contributing to providing water, your donation becomes a blessed act known as Sadaqah Jariyah, bringing you countless blessings as your gift continues to bring relief. With your water pump donation, a single Hand Pump can offer easy water access to multiple families, while our Water Wells can supply clean water to entire communities. Join our Water Appeal and make a donation for water well or water pump now to help people gain access to clean water, ultimately saving lives in the process.

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Pakistan’s Water Crisis

Despite recent floods, water is still scarce in parts of Pakistan. Only 40% of Pakistani people have reliable access to safe drinking water. With a growing population, high levels of poverty, and plagued by natural disasters, Pakistan is facing a water crisis.

Children and the elderly are the most at risk from water-borne illness and poor sanitation. Almost half of deaths in the country are related to the contaminated water supply. At Al-Wahab Foundation, our priority is to ensure that underprivileged communities have access to clean drinking water to protect and save their lives. From sustainable and well-maintained water pumps to water wells, your donation can help us achieve our goal. Donate water pump in Pakistan and help those in need.

Pakistan’s Water Crisis
Water Crisis in Uganda

Water Crisis in Uganda

Africa faces a severe water crisis, with a significant portion of its population lacking access to clean and safe water sources. The scarcity of clean water poses a significant threat to public health and exacerbates the vulnerability of communities, particularly women and children, to waterborne diseases. In response to this situation specifically poverty in Uganda, Al-Wahab Foundation’s water project aims at providing sustainable water solutions to those in need.

By donating to Al-Wahab Foundation’s water project for Uganda, you can directly contribute to alleviating the water crisis and improving the lives of countless individuals. Your support will enable the implementation of installing water wells and pumps. Donate water well or hand pump today and be a part of this life-changing initiative.

Al-Wahab Foundation's Gift of Clean Drinking Water to Akbar's Village

Al-Wahab Foundation's Gift of Clean Drinking Water to Akbar's Village

"My name is Akbar, and I reside in Mithi with my family. Our village has been facing numerous issues, but the most persistent one was the lack of access to clean drinking water. We used to walk long distances to fetch water from a dirty pond, which took up a significant portion of our time and energy. Moreover, the water we collected wasn't safe for consumption, and we often fell sick.

This situation made it even more challenging for us to make ends meet, and the health of our family members was always at risk. We are immensely grateful to Al-Wahab Foundation and Mufti Abdul Wahab for understanding our struggles and installing this water hand pump. It has been a tremendous help, providing us with safe and clean drinking water right at our doorstep. May Allah reward them for this generosity. "

What is Al-Wahab Foundation has achieved so far?

At Al-Wahab Foundation we believe in serving humanity with compassion and generosity, to relieve the hardships of those who are disadvantaged or suffering. Our mission is to expand our network to serve more people, especially in the vulnerable areas of Pakistan where water remains unsafe or unavailable due to lack of infrastructure. With your help, we can reach communities in remote areas and ensure that your donations support those in the greatest need. Donate water well or water pump now to help people access water that is clean and safe.

Here is an overview of what we have achieved so far:

Water Pump Charity & Installation

With your Sadaqah and Zakat donation, we are on the ground working to transform lives for those who need it the most. For more than 10 years, Al-Wahab Foundation has been working in rural areas across Pakistan, installing freshwater sources to provide clean water. To date, we have installed 4,772 hand pumps facilitating 121,800 beneficiaries and we aim to expand it for a better reach out with your continued support to water pump project.

Water Well Donation & Installation

Your contribution towards our Water for Life project is the driving force behind our transformative work, reaching those who need it most. Al-Wahab Foundation has been actively operating in rural areas across Pakistan, ensuring access to clean water by supporting water well project. We have accomplished installing 443 water wells providing fresh water sources to 110,750 beneficiaries.

Donate Water Well, Water Pump, and Change Lives for Good

Your support can turn the tide for countless communities struggling without clean water. Give the gift of life, hope, and transformation by generously donating a water well or water pump charity to Al-Wahab Foundation’s Water for Life Project. Together, we can create a lasting and profound change, providing a brighter, healthier future for the most vulnerable communities.

Be The Change

The change begins with you, and your decision to donate a water well or water pump can be a catalyst for change that resonates across generations. Embrace the opportunity to be the change-maker in the lives of those who are yearning for the gift of clean water with Al-Wahab Foundation.


We receive your donation of a water pump charity or water well.


We send it to your chosen country.


It normally takes minimum 9 to 10 months to complete a Water Hand Pump or Water Well.


After the completion, you will receive a detailed report with pictures, location & number of beneficiaries.

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