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Serving Humanity in the UK

Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


Serving the UK's Diverse Communities

In the UK, many people face daily challenges due to rising costs and unemployment. This includes those living below the poverty line and experiencing homelessness, especially in London. As food prices continue to rise, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to afford nourishment. 

As winter approaches, cold, hunger, and homelessness become harsh realities. Al-Wahab Foundation is here to serve humanity by providing hot meals and winter survival kits to those in need in the UK. Your support can make a difference!

Winter Survival Kit

Donate Now to Serve Humanity in the UK

Imagine for a moment living without having a nourishing meal in the bitter cold when the freezing wind intensifies the situation. Hunger and homelessness are two major challenges when you have to face unemployment, making one endure a state of helplessness and isolation. We want you to believe that your contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a lasting impact. With your support, we can bring comfort to those who need it most, providing them relief from the unforgiving temperatures and with a reminder that compassion still exists in this world. Your humanitarian aid can help AWF alleviate their suffering in these darkest hours.

Proving Sustenance to Uplift Communities

At Al-Wahab Foundation, we believe providing sustenance is essential for better health and resilience. We are among the top food poverty charities in the UK, alleviating food insecurity for adults and children in need. It’s not just about filling stomachs; it’s about nurturing spirits and building resilience. Your support for our UK welfare projects uplifts communities.

Together Serving Humanity: Collaboration with My Yard Charity

AWF collaborates with My Yard Charity to reduce food waste and respond to food deprivation in the UK. Every Tuesday, AWF delivers freshly prepared hot meals to My Yard Charity, which are then distributed to those in need. We have also supplied food and essentials packages, making a meaningful impact on those struggling for food in the UK.

Winter Aid: Providing Survival Kits to Help the Homeless

Rising inflation and approaching winter pose challenges for low-income individuals in the UK. Many face debt and homelessness. Your support is crucial during this time. Donate to Al-Wahab Foundation’s Winter Appeal to provide protection and comfort, including warm blankets, clothes, caps, socks, and gloves.

What Can My Donation Do to Help People in Need?

Your donation can make a significant impact. It supports hot meal distribution in collaboration with My Yard Charity and provides winter kits, including gloves, socks, warm clothes, and blankets, helping those in need stay warm.

Past Collaboration with London Community Kitchen

Our commitment extends beyond current initiatives. We partnered with London Community Kitchen, distributing food packs to feed the needy. Your donations fed 250 families for a week and provided hot meals. We successfully delivered 4,187 food boxes through this collaboration from 2021 to 2023.

Winter Drive with Hope for Homeless in Southall

In December 2022, we collaborated with Hope for Homeless in Southall for a winter drive, providing winter kits and cooked food to the homeless in London. We aim to continue such initiatives in the future.

Ways to Get Involved

You can make a difference:

  • Online Donation: Contribute securely through our online donation portal.
  • Donation Hotline: Call us at 020 8903 8944 to donate.

Join the Al-Wahab Foundation in serving humanity across the UK and helping those in desperate need.

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