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Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


Empower Women for Life

Empowering women involves providing them with opportunities to acquire essential skills, boost their confidence, and cultivate independence, enabling lasting benefits throughout their lives. Through our women empowerment initiative, we enable women hailing from disadvantaged backgrounds to earn a sustainable income, which not only uplifts their families but also leads to transformative changes in entire communities. By supporting us today, you contribute to building brighter and more promising futures.

Empower Women for a Better Future

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Our women empowerment project extends a lifeline to impoverished women, affording them the chance to secure a steady income, uphold their dignity, and embrace independence. By backing these vulnerable women on their journey towards self-sufficiency, your generous donation guarantees not just their own livelihood but shields their entire families.

Empowering them to become significant contributors to their households while acquiring new skills to enhance their well-being, our initiatives pave the way for a brighter tomorrow for those in need.

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When you invest in women, you invest in a nation.

In Pakistan, the pressing issue of gender inequality is reflected in its alarming ranking as the second lowest worldwide. Countless women in the country are unjustly deprived of fundamental rights such as education, training, and employment. Consequently, they find themselves trapped in challenging circumstances, burdened by financial dependency, and exposed to the dangers of gender-based violence and domestic abuse. However, Islamic principles promote women empowerment, the right of women to work and live with dignity and respect.

To honour these principles and bring about positive change, our Women Empowerment Project takes action by equipping women with the essential skills and resources they need to forge independent and secure livelihoods. By providing sewing machines to impoverished women, we create opportunities for them to earn a stable income and even establish their own businesses. Through such endeavours, we strive to empower women, granting them not only financial protection but also the freedom to shape their own destinies with confidence and self-sufficiency.

Shakeela Bibi Extends Warm Thanks Towards AWF for Sewing Machine

“My name is Shakeela Bibi, and I reside in Mithi with my children. After the loss of my husband, life has been incredibly challenging for us. Providing for my family and ensuring their well-being has been a constant struggle. As a widow, I face societal hurdles in finding work, and we rely heavily on financial aid for our survival. I am greatly thankful to Al-Wahab Foundation and Mufti Abdul Wahab for providing assistance during this difficult time in my life.

The sewing machine they provided has been a lifeline for my family as now I can stitch the clothes of the people living around and make accessories to sell in the local market that will ultimately give me a good outcome in the form of respectable income to fulfil my family’s needs. With this opportunity, I can now earn a respectable income and provide for my children. I literally have no words to express my gratitude for this kind-heartedness shown to help me by giving me this opportunity to earn for my family. Jazak Allah for this support to Mufti Abdul Wahab and Al-Wahab Foundation team.”

What impact will my donation have?

Your contribution to our projects directly facilitates the empowerment of women who find themselves stuck in poverty, promoting greater equality and opportunities for them. By enabling women to acquire valuable skills and sustainable income, the entire society becomes more resilient and vibrant. Moreover, households, where women are skilled and engaged in work, witness improved prospects for their children, shielding them from adversity and fostering greater achievements. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in poverty and social disparities.

The additional income generated by these projects like women empowerment enhances families’ security, enabling them to meet household needs and navigate through crises more effectively. Our focus lies in prioritizing widowed mothers and vulnerable households, offering them the support needed to elevate their incomes and shield them from the brink of hardship and exploitation. Through our Women Empowerment Project, each woman is equipped with the necessary skills and tools to excel in sewing, manufacturing, and promoting her own business while also creating opportunities for others in her community.

As our initiative gains momentum, it has already taken root in various areas of Pakistan, including Jamhoria, Surjani Town, and Mangopir, with plans to extend its reach to even more impoverished regions. Your involvement makes a significant difference in breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering a brighter, more promising future for these women and their communities. Donate your Sadaqah and Zakat to Al-Wahab Foundation to support as many deprived women as possible through our women empowerment initiative.

Donate for Women Empowerment: Make a Difference

When you donate for women empowerment, you are helping us create a sustainable impact, and every contribution matters. Together, we can build a world where women are recognized for their potential and provided with the opportunities they truly deserve.

Our Noteworthy Accomplishments

Al-Wahab Foundation has been diligently empowering women and developing positive change in their lives by providing 925 machines to date, thanks to the constant support of our generous donors. Through this initiative, we are dedicated to equipping women with the necessary tools and resources to enhance their livelihoods and create a more promising future for themselves and their families. Our commitment to women empowerment remains steadfast, and we are grateful for the continued support that makes this transformative work possible.


You select women empowerment project and make a donation on our website


We process the donation and send it over to our implementation partners. The most vulnerable women are selected as beneficiaries for the project based upon criteria


A ceremony is held at the culmination of the project, where free sewing machines and certificates of achievement are distributed


Our team also conducts follow-up checks with the beneficiaries

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