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Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


Empower Women for Life

Empowering women means giving them the opportunity to gain the skills, confidence and independence that can benefit them for years to come. Our projects give women from low-income or marginalised households the ability to earn an income to support their families, transforming whole communities. Your support today can build better futures.

Empower Women for a Better Future

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Empower women for a better future

Our women empowerment project gives women living in poverty, the opportunity to earn a stable income, dignity and independence. By supporting vulnerable women to become self-sufficient, your donation can ensure that they can earn a livelihood which will protect their whole family. From contributing to their household income, to gaining new skills to improve their wellbeing, our women empowerment projects help those in need build a brighter tomorrow.

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When you invest in women, you invest in a nation.

Ranking the second lowest in the world for gender inequality, many women in Pakistan are still denied the right to education, training and work. With alarmingly low rates of literacy and employment, women are often financially dependent on others and become trapped in dangerous and difficult circumstance. High rates of gender-based violence or domestic abuse further endanger their health and wellbeing.


Islam gives women across the world the rights to work and live with dignity and respect. Our projects abide by this principle by empowering women to gain the skills and tools they need to build independent incomes that give them protection and freedom. Our Women Empowerment Project provides sewing machines to impoverished women so they can earn a stable income and build their own business, improving their financial security.

Women Empowerment Project - Maryum Bibi

I will use this donation to earn a living for my family and teach other women how to sew.

“My name is Maryum Bibi. I am a resident of Orangi Town, Karachi. My husband is unemployed right now; we have a two-year-old daughter and we’ve been struggling to make ends meet. I heard that Al-Wahab Foundation is helping women like me by giving sewing machines to earn a respectable livelihood. In this era, husband and wife both must struggle to fulfil the needs of the family. So, I decided to make a move and I am very thankful to AWF and Mufti Abdul Wahab for thinking about us and helping us.”

What impact will my donation have?

When you donate to our projects, you help to bring equality and opportunity to women who are trapped in poverty. By giving women the ability to earn skills and income, the future of whole societies is stronger and brighter. Children from households where women are skilled and working are more able to achieve and protected from hardship. Poverty and social inequalities are reduced.

With the extra income, families have better security to support household needs and protect them against crisis. Our projects prioritise widowed mothers and vulnerable households to help them improve their income and protect them from destitution and exploitation. Each woman is given the skills and tools to sew, manufacture and promote her business, as well as create opportunities for others. Our Women Empowerment Project has been established in the areas of Pakistan including Jamhoria, Surjani Town and Mangopir and is extending across impoverished areas.


You select women empowerment project and make a donation on our website


We process the donation and send it over to our implementation partners. The most vulnerable women are selected as beneficiaries for the project based upon criteria


A ceremony is held at the culmination of the project, where free sewing machines and certificates of achievement are distributed


Our team also conducts follow-up checks with the beneficiaries

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