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Ramadan 2024

Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


Ramadan Appeals

Iftar For 10 People
Iftar For 20 People
Iftar For Whole Month
Food Pack
Fidya Per Person
Fidya For Whole Month
Eid Gift

Convert Your Compassion
into Action This Ramadan 2024!

Across the world, an increasing number of people are trying to survive poverty, inflation and natural disasters. Can you join us to help them in Ramadan 2024?

In Pakistan and Uganda, economic instability casts a formidable shadow over the lives of countless, while Morocco is enduring the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. This Ramadan, your generosity has the power to instil hope into their unfavourable circumstances. Join hands with Al-Wahab Foundation and give your Ramadan donation, ensuring that the people of Pakistan, Uganda, Morocco, and beyond can look towards the future they truly deserve.

Your Donations Can Achieve So Much This Ramadan 2024

Food Packs

To meet the nutritional needs of deprived people during Ramadan, Al-Wahab Foundation is providing food packs in Pakistan, Uganda, and Morocco. How many families can you help in Ramadan 2024? Donate a food pack to feed a family of six for the month of Ramadan. Our packs contain essential food items such as rice, flour, and sugar that will create ease for the fasting and suffering families this Ramadan. Your charity in Ramadan can make a significant difference.

Iftar Packs

As families across the world fast during these challenging times, you can provide them with iftar through Al-Wahab Foundation’s Ramadan Appeal. Our Iftar packs contain warm meals like biryani, sandwiches, samosas, pakoras along with dates, fruits, juice. With your Ramadan donation, several families struggling with economic instability and the aftermath of natural disasters can get fulfilling nutritious meal through AWF’s Iftar packages

Eid Gift Packs

Extend a compassionate hand with AWF to spread the joy of Eid to children whose parents struggle to afford a festive celebration and those who are looking for a hopeful Eid in the earthquake-struck areas of Morocco. These Eid Gift Packs include clothes, shoes, bangles, and other accessories for children. Donate in Ramadan and spread smiles around.

Find More Ways to Support Ramadan Causes

Water Hand Pump
Cooked Food
Cooked Food
Eye Camp
Build A Masjid
Build A Masjid

Give now with our 100% Zakat Donation Policy

We are committed to ensuring your Zakat goes to those most in need. Our 100% Zakat Donation Policy ensures that when you give your Zakat in Ramadan 2024, every penny will benefit someone in need.

Calculate your Zakat and donate today to our Ramadan Appeal 2024. Provide Iftar Packs in Ramadan and Give Fidya & Kaffarah.

‘Whoever draws near to Allah by performing any virtuous deed (in Ramadan) shall be like the one who had performed an obligatory act (Fard) in any other time, and whoever performs an obligatory act (Fard) shall be like the one who performed seventy obligatory acts in any other time.’ (Al-Bayhaqi).

When is Ramadan 2024?

Muslims worldwide eagerly wait for the sacred month of fasting, blessings, and reflection every year as it allows one to reap as many rewards as possible. The exact date of commencement of Ramadan is determined by the lunar cycle. In 2024, Ramadan is likely to begin on the evening of Sunday, March 10, and end on April 8, 2024.

What AWF Has Done So Far During Ramadan Appeal?

Al-Wahab Foundation has been delivering your donations since 2014. Using our local knowledge and trusted partners, you can rely on us to treat your charity during Ramadan with care and respect.  We are working in calamity-stricken areas of Morocco, responding to needs across Pakistan, and delivering aid to those struggling in Uganda.

Whether you are fasting this Ramadan or not, your support through our Ramadan Appeal can help us reach more people struggling to survive each day. Give your Zakat, Sadaqah, Fidya or Kaffarah, and know that your Ramadan charity is helping someone in desperate need. Your generosity can feed the hungry, create ease for the suffering in calamity-stricken areas, and strengthen those who have been struggling.

Fulfil your obligation and keep their hopes alive in Ramadan 2024.

How to Donate in Ramadan to AWF?

Donate online:

You can pay your Zakat, Sadaqah, Fidya, Fitrana, and Kaffarah online in Ramadan through our secure online donation portal. Find out how much you need to pay using our Zakat calculator for Zakat donation.

Donation Hotline:

You can call Al-Wahab Foundation at 020 8903 8944 and make your Ramadan donation reach us through direct bank transfer. Contact us for more details, and let your charity pave the way for positive change.

In-Person Contributions:

You can visit our office at 16 Village Way East, Harrow, HA2 7LU, where you can donate your Ramadan charity. Our dedicated team will guide you through the process, ensuring your contribution makes a real difference.