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Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


Pay Zakat Online with Al-Wahab Foundation

The economic situation in Pakistan has caused devastation, leaving many people in desperation. Approximately 36% of the population now lives in severe poverty. Your zakat donation can make a difference as Al-Wahab Foundation provides essentials like food and water to support communities all over Pakistan. Consider donating your Zakat today and helping those in need.

Where Most Needed
Support A Maktab
Sewing Machine
Motor Bike
Eye Surgery
Water Hand Pump

Your Zakat can change their lives

Giving Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam and a redistribution of wealth to those in the world who are less fortunate. The donation brings immense reward to the believer as an obligation for those who can afford it. It is one of the most efficient tools in tackling social inequality and fighting poverty – Your donation can help us to provide food, water, education, and much more to help those in need. Pay Zakat Online with ease at Al-Wahab Foundation and join us in keeping hopes alive.

Zakat & Eligibility Criteria

Zakat is the third pillar of our faith. It ensures our wealth is used to support the poorest and most marginalised in our community, who have a right over it.  This is Fard (an obligation) for every Muslim adult, who is mentally sane and has a certain amount of wealth (Nisab) at 2.5% of their savings—once a year.

“The Believers, men, and women are protectors one of another: they enjoy what is just and forbid what is evil: they observe regular prayers, pay and obey Allah and His Messenger.” (Holy Qur’an 9:71)

There are eight categories of people eligible to receive Zakat: the poor who are in financial distress, the needy who are in financial need, the administrators of Zakat or Zakat Collectors appointed by the State, those who have recently converted to Islam and need help, Zakat given to end slavery, those in debt, given in the name of God, and tour travellers, including refugees.


Pay Zakat Online & Know Eligibility Criteria
Janib Ali's Village Thanks You for Your Generosity

Janib Ali's Village Thanks You for Your Generosity

“My name is Janib Ali and I live in Ghoas Buksh, Sindh. Most of the people in our community are short on financial means and we barely make ends meet. Sometimes it gets difficult to provide even the most basic necessities for our families so when it comes to building a proper mosque, it is so unfortunate that we cannot make up for it. However, Al-Wahab Foundation built this beautiful and spacious mosque in our village. It’s like a gift from Allah (SWT) for all of us as we don’t have to go far off, outside the village to pray in a Jamaat (congregation). We cannot thank Muti Abdul Wahab and Al-Wahab Foundation for this gift”

Your Zakat Donation with Al-Wahab Foundation

With your Zakat donation, Al-Wahab Foundation can reach those in greatest of need, providing lifesaving and life-changing aid. So far, it has delivered clean drinking water where it was a crisis to over 200,000 people and fed over 100,000 people through our Iftar and cooked meals programme across rural Pakistan. Our donors can pay Zakat online to serve humanity through our initiatives in wide-spread regions.

Since our beginning, Al-Wahab Foundation has always considered an Amanah in the sight of Allah (SWT). We strive to run long-lasting, impactful projects with your Zakat donations, helping communities to break the poverty cycle and maximising your blessings.

You can pay Zakat online for:

  • Access to safe, clean water to improve health and sanitation
  • Food packs and cooked food to feed those in emergency need
  • Healthcare such as free eye surgery to help people back into work.
  • Access to education with a Maktab for disadvantaged children by keeping them off the streets
  • Women empowerment projects that help widows learn skills and earn stable income

Use our simple calculator below to work out how much Zakat you need to pay. The nisab is the equivalent value of 87.48 grams of gold; 612.36 grams of silver. Every Sahib-e-Nisaab should give 2.5 % of their unencumbered wealth every year, to help those who are in need.

Zakat Applicable Initiatives

At Al-Wahab Foundation, we carefully allocate Zakat contributions to impactful initiatives that uphold the principles of Islamic charity. Your Zakat is channelled towards projects that benefit the less fortunate, including the following:

Donate today and help us in the mission of transforming lives. You can calculate your Zakat by using our Zakat calculator. Together we can make a significant difference!

Pay Zakat Online Securely and Conveniently

At Al-Wahab Foundation, we make it simple to pay zakat online securely and conveniently. Your zakat donations can make a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals. Whether you choose to give zakat as an individual or a group, your contribution can bring positive change to communities in need. Support now and donate zakat online to make an everlasting impact.

Zakat Calculator

Cash at Home / Bank
Gold & Silver
Property (Other Than Home)
Other Investments
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Total Assets
Zakat Payable
Zakat Calculator

How to Calculate Zakat Using Zakat Calculator?

It’s simple! All you need to do is enter the details of your assets under your possession over a year into our AWF Zakat Calculator. If you are living in the UK, use our Zakat Calculator UK which will calculate Zakat accordingly. Follow these easy steps:

  • Enter your assets in the Zakat Calculator
  • Our Zakat Calculator 2024 automatically determines the total and the amount of Zakat you owe to pay.

Proceed to pay your Zakat.

Nisab of Zakat

The Nisab of Zakat is the minimum amount of wealth a Muslim possesses. These assets must be in the possession for over one lunar year to be eligible to pay Zakat. The sum is commonly known as the nisab threshold.

The nisab of Zakat is calculated on the values of Gold and Silver. In 2024, the determined value of nisab is 87.48 grams of gold and 612.36 grams of silver.


Gold Nisaab*


Silver Nisaab*


*Nisaab values are updated regularly

Utilise our Zakat Calculator 2024 to determine how much you need to pay.


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