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Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


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Over 280 million children around the world are deprived of education. These children are often forced into a life of labour and disadvantage, stuck in a cycle of generational poverty. Our Maktab initiative provides Islamic education to help children in need through teaching and learning that changes futures. Donate today as Sadaqah Jariyah and help them on a journey of opportunity.

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Build Brighter Futures

Our Maktab initiative builds Islamic learning environments that benefit students in every aspect of their lives. From learning the principles of Islam, to memorisation of Qur’an, children are nurtured in a faith-led educational environment that stays with them as they grow. 

Your support can help provide dawah to children and qualified teaching in Islamic studies that will inspire and support their further development.

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Providing Quality Education

Our Maktab Project, provides well-rounded, balanced Islamic education to orphans and children from low-income households, creating better futures through knowledge and learning. We strongly believe that the best form of education is that which balances worldly matters with religious and spiritual growth, which is why we designed our Maktab project to focus on both aspects of education. 

Our school curriculum includes secular and Islamic subjects such as English, Maths, Urdu, Tajweed, Fiqh, Hadith, reading, and writing taught under the supervision of qualified Qaris. The purpose of our Maktabs is to support deprived students who cannot afford to study due to financial constraints. Your support ensures we can provide consistent, quality education, sharing the Qur’an, raising literacy rates, attainment and keeping children safe from exploitation.

Hope for Tomorrow: Al-Wahab Foundation's Support for Abdullah's Education

"My name is Abdullah, and I live in Sindh with my family. I have always dreamed of going to school and learning new things. But our financial situation makes it impossible for me to attend school like other children in our neighbourhood. It feels like I am left behind, and it's disheartening to see my dreams being shattered. I am incredibly thankful to the Al-Wahab Foundation and Mufti Abdul Wahab for giving me this opportunity to study through Maktab initiative. Now, I can pursue my dreams and learn like other children. I am eager to learn and grow, and I promise to work hard to make my family proud. I thank to Mufti Abdul Wahab and Al-Wahab Foundation for supporting me so that I can have a brighter future."

How does Al-Wahab Foundation use my donation?

We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Your donations can count as Sadaqah Jariyah for the long-term benefit they will bring to each child and their family.

We use your donation to enrol students in our Maktabs who would otherwise remain deprived of any Islamic education due to their families’ circumstances. We give these children the tools they need to build a positive future for themselves and to become advocates for Islamic education in their communities. 

From hot meals to achievement awards, visits from Mufti Abdul Wahab and Eid gifts, your donation helps to care for each student. Thanks to your Maktab support, we have been able to help 1,600 pupils so far due to your generous donations.

Donate today and your generosity will provide essential teaching resources, books, equipment and qualified staff, creating a stable, nurturing Islamic environment for children living in disadvantaged communities.


You select maktab project and make a donation on our website.


Your donation is collected and goes towards maintaining and running our Maktab facility.


We assess the progress of each child through annual examinations. We also hold a Khatam-ul-Quran graduation ceremony to acknowledge the children’s achievements.


Children receive gifts from our team for the completion of their Quran.

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