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Case Study: Roshmail

Roshmail Expresses Immense Gratitude Towards AWF for Providing Him with Rickshaw

Roshmail Expresses Immense Gratitude Towards AWF for Providing Him with Rickshaw

Meet Roshmail – a hardworking father living in Sindh, Pakistan. He faced immense financial constraints and lived through difficult circumstances amid the increasing cost of living and inflation. Unemployment had taken a toll on his ability to provide for his family, leaving them vulnerable to economic hardships.

With limited job opportunities and rising living expenses, Roshmail struggled to find stable employment that could sustain his family’s needs. The burden of financial responsibility weighed heavily on his shoulders, making it a constant battle to secure a stable income source.

Roshmail, a father of four, expressed his hardships:

“My name is Roshmail, and I reside in Sindh with my family. Our lives have been challenging due to the lack of stable employment. Providing for my children and meeting their needs has become a difficult task. I longed for a sustainable source of income to ensure a better life for my family, but the circumstances made it difficult to find opportunities.”

Understanding the dire need of Roshmail and his family, Al-Wahab Foundation stepped forward to provide him with a rickshaw. This act of compassion and support aimed to offer Roshmail a sustainable source of income, allowing him to become a rickshaw driver and earn a livelihood for his family.

Roshmail expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Al-Wahab Foundation:

“I am deeply thankful to Al-Wahab Foundation and Mufti Abdul Wahab for providing me with this rickshaw. I can now earn a sustainable income to support my loved ones. May Allah (SWT) bless Mufti Abdul Wahab and the dedicated team of Al-Wahab Foundation for their kindness and support during our time of need.”

Through our Rozgar Project, Al-Wahab Foundation has made a significant impact by transforming life for Roshmail and his family. Your generous donations can make a difference in providing sustainable livelihoods to those facing unemployment and financial constraints. To donate towards this transformative initiative, visit our website call us at 020 8903 8944.