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Pakistan Flood Appeal

Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


Donate now to save lives

Pakistan has been devastated by severe flooding, with heavy rainfall destroying entire villages and claiming lives. Over thirty-three million people have been affected by flash flooding, losing homes and livelihoods as high waters sweep away everything in their path. Your support can save lives and rebuild futures. Give today to help Pakistan flood appeal.

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Your support can help people in Pakistan today

The situation is Pakistan is dire. A ‘climate catastrophe’ according to the UN Secretary General, more than one third of the country is under water. 

Al-Wahab Foundation is working across the region delivering emergency aid to those affected, rebuilding homes, providing medical aid and feeding those who have lost everything. Donate us to help them for Pakistan Flood Appeal.

Millions of homes damaged or destroyed.

Recent flooding has plunged millions of people into poverty. In areas already struggling, vulnerable families have lost everything. Crops have been obliterated and livestock drowned, cutting off vital income and food supply. Donate us to help the victims of Pakistan flood appeal.

Healthcare centres are damaged, and disease is rising due to lack of sanitation. From Balochistan to Sindh province, Pakistan is suffering. 

Whoever helps his brother in his time of need, Allah will be there in his time of need.” (Sahih Muslim)

Your donation to our Pakistan Flood Appeal can deliver urgent medical care, hygiene measures, food packs and shelter to people struggling to survive. Your Sadaqah and Zakat can ensure that we can reach the most vulnerable, with essential support that can save lives.

How to Help Pakistan Flood Victims?
Parveen Bibi thanks Al-Wahab Foundation for its Generosity!

Parveen Bibi thanks Al-Wahab Foundation for its Generosity!

“I am the mother of three children and bringing them up as a single parent is a real challenge for me. My husband lost his life in an accident 2-years back and since then, I was struggling daily to fulfil my needs, especially after this devastating flood. Two of my children are sick and it is hard to get them treated when I even can’t make the ends meet for everyday meals.

I would like to thank Al-Wahab Foundation for Pakistan flood appeal help as one of our well-wishers referred me to them to seek assistance. I visited their medical camp in our area. They not only helped in getting my children treated but also provide us with food. May Allah bless them for their kindness!”

Your help is needed now.

The reality of the situation in Pakistan is causing ongoing problems. Although waters have subsided, the landscape has been ravaged and community infrastructure destroyed. Rates of infectious and water-borne disease such as Cholera are on the rise. Women and children have been the hardest hit, without privacy or protection, now fending for themselves in the open air. Food supply has been damaged and many families are struggling to find safe drinking water. The Government has declared a state of emergency across the country which will take years to recover from.

Al-Wahab Foundation is on the ground in the most afflicted areas. Our local knowledge, established aid chains and emergency response teams are reaching those who are stranded, delivering vital aid fuelled by your donations. Donate your Zakat or Sadaqah today to Pakistan flood appeal and help us continue to reach more people for Pakistan flood appeal.

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