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Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation



Empowering Communities: A Review of AWF’s Achievements in 2023!

The year 2023 brought various challenges for people worldwide, with natural disasters aggravating issues like
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Shaban 2024: Understanding the Significance of the Sacred Month

Shaban, the eighth month in the Islamic calendar is a bridge to the holy month
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The Significance of Ramadan 2024

The Significance of Ramadan – Top Reasons for Ramadan Fasting

The month of Ramadan holds immense significance for Muslims worldwide as this time allows them
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Best Tips for the First 10 Days of Ramadan Banner Image

Best Tips for the First 10 Days of Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of reflection, increased worshipping, and spiritual growth for Muslims around the
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What are the benefits of Ramadan

What Are the Benefits of Giving Charity During Ramadan?

The month of Ramadan is one of the most sacred months in the Islamic calendar
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10 Rewards of Feeding Hungry People

10 Rewards of Feeding Hungry People in Ramadan

Muslims around the world eagerly anticipate the holy month of Ramadan every year to make
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