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Empowering Communities: A Review of AWF’s Achievements in 2023!

The year 2023 brought various challenges for people worldwide, with natural disasters aggravating issues like inflation and unemployment. However, amidst these difficulties, Al-Wahab Foundation (AWF) remained steadfast in its commitment to serving humanity as per the directions of Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab. The contribution of our esteemed donors and the efforts infused by our dedicated team members and volunteers have made us achieve bigger and better in 2023. Here’s a glimpse into the impactful initiatives undertaken by AWF in 2023:

Cooked Food

Beneficiaries: 8,950 individuals

Rising inflation and unemployment are increasing the risk of food deprivation on a large scale in different parts of the world. Several families, including children, struggle for food every day. Team AWF organizes distribution of freshly cooked hot meals to address immediate nutritious needs ensuring no one stays empty stomach. In 2023, we provided cooked meals to 8,950 beneficiaries with the support of our donors.

Eye Care Project

Beneficiaries: 7,633 individuals

Our eye care project assists many beneficiaries who cannot afford to get their eyesight treated due to a lack of resources. Guided by Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab, Team AWF organizes free eye care camps in numerous deprived areas of Karachi to help as many people as possible. Through these eye camps, the patients get treatment without any cost, and those who need cataract surgeries are then further referred for free surgical procedures. Team AWF offers pick-and-drop service for surgery patients and also provides them with nutritious meals during the whole process. Thanks to our donors, we gave the gift of sight to 7,633 beneficiaries last year.

Food Packs Distribution

Beneficiaries: 11,200 families

As a part of our Feed the Hungry Project, we also provide food packs containing necessities like flour, oil, sugar, lentils, rice, and other items sufficient to serve a family of six for the whole month. Recognizing the importance and need of this initiative, we distributed food packs, reaching over 11,000 beneficiaries in 2023.

Mosque Construction

Mosques Built: 19

Beneficiaries: 3,960 worshippers

A mosque serves as the central hub of a Muslim community, nurturing peace, tranquillity, and unity among its members. Many mosques are damaged due to natural disasters or not maintained well following insufficient financial resources. Various deprived communities have these mosques located at long distances, making it difficult for them to offer congregational prayers. With the generous contributions of our donors, AWF constructed 19 mosques, providing safe spaces for the locals not only in Pakistan but in Uganda as well. Explore our Build a Masjid Project page to learn more.

Qurbani Project

Beneficiaries: 26,656 individuals

Through our Qurbani project, we ensured the distribution of sacrificial meat to thousands who could not fulfil this obligation during Eid-ul-Adha. Through this project, we nourished the deprived communities and made them a part of the festivities so they wouldn’t feel left out. Qurbani Project 2023 served 26,656 beneficiaries in different areas across Pakistan.

Ramadan Project

Beneficiaries: 13,577 individuals

During Ramadan, we supported over 13,000 beneficiaries, including 1,400 individuals affected by calamities in Turkiye and 1,200 in Uganda. AWF distributed food packs, Iftar packs, cooked food, and Eid gifts through this project.

Rozgar Project

Beneficiaries: 592 individuals

Our Rozgar Project empowered individuals by providing them with rickshaws and motorbikes, offering sustainable livelihood opportunities to those in need.

Sadaqah Project

Beneficiaries: 8,000 individuals

Through the Sadaqah Project, we extended financial assistance to 8,000 beneficiaries, aiding them in overcoming financial hardships.

Water For Life Project

Hand Pumps Installed: 600

Water Wells Constructed: 37

Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human right. Through Water Project, AWF installed hand pumps and water wells, benefiting over 24,000 individuals with safe and reliable water sources.

Women Empowerment

Beneficiaries: 225 Women

Empowering women is vital for sustainable development. We provided sewing machines to 225 women, enabling them to generate income and financially support their families.

Wheelchair Distribution

Beneficiaries: 50 individuals

Al-Wahab Foundation facilitated mobility and independence for differently-abled individuals by distributing 50 wheelchairs, enhancing their quality of life.

Winter Relief Project

Beneficiaries: 880 in Pakistan, 400 in the UK, 700 in Afghanistan, 200 in Morocco

AWF provided winter assistance to vulnerable populations across multiple countries as temperatures dropped, ensuring they stayed warm and protected.

Emergency Relief

Beneficiaries: 11,796 in Turkiye, 3,800 in Morocco, 11,875 in Afghanistan

Responding swiftly to natural disasters, we provided emergency relief kits, food packs, and hot meals to thousands of those affected by calamities.

Serving Humanity in the UK

Hot Meals Provided: 4,267 individuals

Essentials Bags Distributed: Numerous individuals

In collaboration with My Yard Charity, Al-Wahab Foundation extended support to impoverished and homeless individuals in the UK, providing hot meals and essential supplies to those in need.


These are not just the numbers but the unconditional support from our donors with the trust they have put in the efforts for the welfare of humanity we have been extending towards those in desperate need.

As we look forward, we want you to be a part of this journey to transform as many lives as possible. Your commitment can help us enhance our humanitarian efforts in the coming years. Let’s make this world a better place to live for everyone by bringing them ease and ensuring a brighter future for all.