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Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


Provide Hot Meals to the Hungry

Food insecurity in Pakistan is continuing to rise due to severe weather and flooding destroying food supply chains.  More than 3 million children now face chronic hunger. For thousands of families suffering malnourishment, a hot meal is out of reach.  You can change this by donating today and providing cooked food to those who are struggling by providing nourishment and relieving hunger.

Cooked Food
Cooked Food

Relieve their hunger

A simple hot meal doesn’t just provide sustenance – it can also provide comfort in the hardest of times. Feeding the hungry, those reeling from crisis and struggling in abject poverty brings spiritual reward in Islam. When you donate your Sadaqah and Zakat to our Cooked Meal programme, you can feed families with nutritious hot meals that lift spirits and improve health.

Beneficiaries of Cooked Food
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Why Donate to Our Cooked Meals Project?

Your donation towards our cooked meals project can save vulnerable families from begging for food leaving them at risk of abuse and exploitation. Our cooked fulfilling meals programme can combat malnutrition and starvation, helping improve health and wellbeing.

Our cooked meals target the poorest families in remote communities where access to services is harder to reach, giving them ready-to-eat food that they desperately need. Our local teams identify those at greatest risk, prioritising widows and orphans. By donating with Al-Wahab Foundation, you can ensure that the most needy receive a nutritious meal regularly, combatting hunger and improving health.

Thank you from Haleema

Thank you from Haleema.

“Nobody wants to be at the receiving end of charity, you know. But times have been difficult, I’ve had to struggle in ways I didn’t think I would ever have to, just to feed my children. In such difficult times, when Al-Wahab Foundation provided free meals to me and my family, I just felt overwhelmed with gratitude. It may seem like a small thing to some people, but for families like mine, this help means that someone cares and that we’re not forgotten by society. I just want to thank everyone who contributed to this project. The way Mufti Abdul Wahab is helping deprived people around is really commendable. People and organisations like Al-Wahab Foundation save people like us from hopelessness.”

Thanks to you, Al-Wahab Foundation is feeding the hungry.

“Give food, out of love for Him, to the poor and the orphan and the captive, [saying] “We feed you, for Allah’s pleasure only — We desire from you neither reward nor thanks.” (Holy Qur’an 76:5-12).

Since 2014, we have provided freshly cooked meals to thousands of people in need across Pakistan.  Our established teams, food supply chain and local knowledge means we can feed those in the hardest to reach areas with your donations. Launching our food-related campaigns forms part of our efforts to fight the hunger of people across Pakistan where severe poverty afflicts millions of people daily. Thanks to you, we been able to ease their suffering, using your Sadaqah and Zakat donation to feed those who are weak, tired and malnourished.

Al-Wahab Foundation’s Feed the Hungry programme is reaching out to thousands of people throughout Pakistan to put food on the table and put an end to food insecurity. Your Zakat and Sadaqah are 100% applicable for this project meaning your donation goes towards providing cooked meals to support needy families, relieving hunger and improving their quality of life.


You select cooked food project and make a donation on our website


Once enough donations are collected, our team in Pakistan works to identify high-risk areas in Pakistan, in terms of food insecurity.


With your donation, our team arranges cooked food and organizes the logistics of its distribution.


Once everything is arranged, members of the identified impoverished community are invited in to have free meals for a day.

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