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Why Should You Donate Food and Water in Muharram?

Muharram, the 1st Month of the Islamic Lunar Calendar and one of the 4 sacred months of the year is also the time when Muslim across the world wholeheartedly donate their earnings towards feeding and providing water to their less privileged brothers and sisters. But why is that?

Commemorating the Sacrifice of The Prophet’s Grandson

We, as Muslims, are all well aware of the story of Hazrat Hussain (AS) and how he sacrificed his life to safeguard the faith from the hands of cruel and unjust rulers and by extension we all also know the kinds of tactics were used against the Prophet’s beloved grandson in the Battle of Karbala, how he and his family were denied water and food for days and were made victims of inhuman war crimes.

In the face of all those injustices, his faith persisted, so to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice that Hazrat Hussain (AS) made, Muslims around the world donate food and water throughout the month of Muharram but particularly in the first 10 days.

Al-wahab Foundation organizes food and water donations throughout the month of Muharram in remembrance of the sacrifices made by Hazrat Hussain (RA), you can contribute to this initiative by supporting us with your Sadaqah or general donations.

£100 to Feed 100 People

£500 to Feed 500 People

£150 Water Hand Pump

£700 Water Well

Remembering the Sacred Status of the Month

Before the tragedy of Karbala took place, Muharram al Haram was already an important month in the Islamic calendar, coming just after the month of Dhu al Hijjah, it was the time for pilgrims to return home and therefore was the time wars were forbidden and when all deeds (good and bad) held more weight in both reward and punishment. Therefore, donating food and water during this time means earning manifold rewards!

Head over to our cooked food and water page now to read more and donate!

Al-wahab Foundation’s Work During Muharram

During the month of Muharram, we at Ummah Charity double down our efforts of providing food and water to disenfranchised communities. Our Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab personally oversees the preparation and distribution of our Muharram food drives whenever possible. This year our aim is remember the sacrifices of our Prophet’s descendants and to honour the sacred month of Muharram by distributing food and water to over 20,000 people, will you help us reach this goal?

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