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UCI Pakistan Tour 2018

In the month of January 2018, UCI volunteers from UK visited Pakistan in order to see first-hand the work being done on-ground in Pakistan. The group of volunteers distributed gifts amongst the children and arranged for some fun activities with them. During the visit, the group also visited other sites where UCI is working on-ground and met with the staff to gain clarity on the charity’s work.

UCI is often celebrating our personal Children’s Day

UCI often takes the initiative of bringing smiles to children faces every now and then. We ensure that a number of children can be reached and are able to celebrate with us. Our volunteers wanted to make special memories for these children living in slum areas. In order to accomplish this, we distributed ice creams amongst the children and also paid for all the children living in the area to enjoy a small amusement ride.

Certificate distribution ceremony for the Women Empowerment Project

Under the UCI’s Women Empowerment Project, many women were provided with training and skills so that they could become vehicles of economic growth for their families and society. Mufti Abdul Wahab and the volunteers distributed the certificates for the completion of training. They also distributed sewing machines in order to provide the foundation to women, allowing them to take the next step forward. These were distributed to batches 3,4 and 5 under this project and it is a testament as to how successfully UCI is running the project.

Rozgaar – Providing a livelihood

Another successful event to begin the year with. Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab distributed rickshaws to people, and as a result, they were delighted and gained motivation to start a new and better life. Visits to the homes of those beneficiaries were made, which gave us a clearer insight to their objectives and goals. Our task was to motivate them even further so they could build up on confidence.

Tameer-e-Ashiana – Visiting the homes that were under construction

The team of UCI made a visit to the homes which were under construction in slum areas. An expression of joy was apparent on the faces of those who were deprived of shelter. Our initial purpose of the visit was to engage with the poverty-stricken communities and survey the area, as well as to make a visit to these houses who were going to become a life-changing tool for families.

Wheelchair distribution

Our chairman and his team of volunteers visited Pakistan and helped distribute wheelchairs among people who had no access to resources to aid their mobility issues, as well as replacing wheelchairs that were worn out and no longer operational. The happiness and joy were clearly visible on the faces of these beneficiaries, one big step towards the betterment of their future.

Eye care camps

UCI held an eye camp in an overpopulated area where there was a high number of complaints in relation to eye diseases. Approximately 400 people visited the free eye camp and were seen by opticians, doctors and our volunteers. Awareness on how to maintain their eye health was also spread amongst them too.