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Al-Wahab Foundation Sharing Ramadan Blessings: Iftar Packs for NHS Heroes!

In the spirit of Ramadan, a time of the year when everyone practices generosity and extends a gesture of kindness towards humanity, Al-Wahab Foundation has stepped forward to provide nourishment to the frontline heroes of the National Health Service (NHS) through Ramadan Iftar Packs distribution.

This Ramadan 2024, where AWF is distributing Iftar and Food Packs for Ramadan charity among those in need, the organisation has expressed gratitude towards the hardworking and dedicated NHS staff by serving Iftar Packs at Central Middlesex Hospital, Ealing Hospital, and Northwick Park Hospital under the London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust.

Serving NHS Heroes: AWF’s Ramadan Iftar Packs Distribution to LNWH

Recognizing the importance of nourishment and sustenance, especially during fasting hours, Al-Wahab Foundation thoughtfully packed nutritious Iftar Packs in Ramadan with wholesome meals, allowing healthcare professionals to break their fast with ease and comfort.

  • Central Middlesex Hospital

Team Al-Wahab Foundation organised Ramadan Iftar Packs distribution at Central Middlesex Hospital, where frontline workers are tirelessly serving the community. A total of 70 Iftar meals have been delivered to the staff members here belonging to all religious backgrounds with the aim to express gratitude and appreciation for their dedicated service.

  • Ealing Hospital

At Ealing Hospital, healthcare professionals are working with diligence to ensure the well-being of patients. Considering to honour their services, AWF provided 150 while sharing Ramadan blessings with everyone.

  • Northwick Park Hospital

Another hospital under LNWH NHS Trust to receive Iftar meals is Northwick Park Hospital. The healthcare workers here greatly appreciated the efforts and the kind gesture of team AWF of providing 200 nourishing packs of Iftar meals to everyone and expressed their gratitude.

ramadan iftar packs distribution


At Al-Wahab Foundation, we believe in developing an inclusive and harmonious community. As part of our commitment to spreading the message of peace and generosity, we are proud to serve the dedicated healthcare staff of the NHS, representing different religious backgrounds, with our Ramadan Iftar Packs distribution during this blessed month. Together, we can continue to make a meaningful difference this year through Ramadan charity and reap countless rewards.