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Ramadan’s Donation Impact: Bringing Hope to Communities

The month of Ramadan is anticipated by Muslims worldwide, signified as a period of fasting, prayer, and self-reflection. It’s an opportunity to show compassion and generosity, extending a helping hand to the less fortunate. The acts of charity during Ramadan hold great significance in Islam, regarded as acts of worship and a means to gain blessings from Allah (SWT). Your generous contributions truly have a donation impact, making a real difference in the lives of those in need.

At Al-Wahab Foundation, our mission revolves around reaching out to impoverished families, ensuring they can observe Ramadan without worrying about their regular meals. By the grace of Allah (SWT) and with the unconditional support of our donors, we’ve been able to reach out to countless lives.

The Journey of Donation Impact During Ramadan

Here’s an overview of our Ramadan activities translating donation impact throughout the sacred month:

Ramadan Donation ImpactDelivering Food and Iftar Packs

Through your generosity, we’ve provided food items to sustain families throughout the month, alongside to serve their nourishment needs during Ramadan. In addition, AWF also distributed Iftar Packs to meet the dietary requirements for Iftar and Suhoor. Our Food and Iftar Packs included items like flour, ghee, sugar, tea, pulses, dates, etc enough to serve a family of six for the whole month. Accumulatively, team AWF distributed 3,156 Food and Iftar Packs among the needy families that won’t have been possible without you donating during Ramadan.

Fidya, Fitrana and Kaffarah

With your Fidya, Fitrana and Kaffarah donations, Al-Wahab Foundation provided assistance to as many people in need as possible. Your contributions have provided relief to many families with a hope for better future while making a lasting impact of donations towards our Ramadan project. This year, we served the needs of 1,853 beneficiaries ensuring that no one is left behind to make the most of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Spreading Smiles Around with Eid Gift PacksSpreading Smiles Around with Eid Gift Packs

Eid-ul-Fitr is a time of joy and festivity, yet many families lack the means to participate fully in the blissful moments of this occasion. With your support, we’ve been able to provide Eid Gift Packs to disadvantaged families, leaving a strong donation impact, spreading happiness and a sense of inclusivity for those who cannot afford. In Ramadan 2024, we distributed 75 among innocent children belonging to constrained family backgrounds. These gift packs contained embellished Eid dresses, footwear, bangles, Mehndi and much more.

Thank You For Making A Difference In Ramadan 2024 With AWF!

With the most gratitude to Allah (SWT) and the the overwhelming support from our respectable donors, together we have made impact of donations for our Ramadan initiatives by facilitating 20,402 beneficiaries this year. As we look ahead, we want you to continue supporting Al-Wahab Foundation’s welfare projects, as together, we can make an even greater difference in the lives of those in need. Your donation impact has shown that with your ongoing contributions, we can build a brighter future for all.