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Qurbani Project 2024: A Remarkable Success by Al-Wahab Foundation!

Like every year, Al-Wahab Foundation has successfully accomplished its noble mission to bring joy and nourishment to Pakistan’s underprivileged communities through Qurbani Project 2024. With the generous support of our donors and the dedication of our hardworking team, we have marked a remarkable success this year. 

Through this initiative, AWF ensured that the blessed occasion of Eid al-Adha 2024 is celebrated with utmost compassion and generosity. Team AWF fulfilled the Qurbani of our respectable donors with great responsibility, strictly abiding by the Shariah law, and distributed sacrificial meat among the well-deserving. Here is an overview of the Qurbani Project 2024 and our meaningful impact this Eid Al-Adha to spread smiles around. 

Making Everyone Part of Eid Festivities Through Qurbani Project 2024

Qurbani Project 2024At Al-Wahab Foundation, we consider the Qurbani Project the heart and soul of our various projects, as it brings everyone together to serve humanity by following the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (AS). Despite emerging challenges due to the scorching heat wave, the efforts of Team AWF made us have remarkable success this year. The meat from this Qurbani was distributed to impoverished communities in Karachi, District Jhelum, and Chitral, Pakistan, reaching those who would otherwise struggle to have a nutritious meal on their plates.

The Powerful Impact of Qurbani Project 2024

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah (SWT), we have made a powerful impact through our Qurbani Project 2024 this Eid Al-Adha. Thanks to our donors’ support and the dedication of team AWF, we had the privilege of bringing joy to 31,832 beneficiaries. Through our efforts, we sacrificially offered a total of 339 animals: 44 cows, 87 goats, 191 lambs, and 17 camels. 

The distribution of fresh meat occurred in impoverished areas of Karachi, Jhelum, and Chitral, reaching those in dire need. In Karachi, these areas include Malik Goth, Wangi Goth, Kherabad, Mehran Basti, Ghazi Goth, Gulzarabad, Sector 2, Sohail Goth, Umer Goth, Makrani Para, Noor Deen Goth, Allah Bachaya Goth, Muslim Goth, Ghulam Muhammad Goth, and others.

AWF Qurbani 2024On the second and third day of Eid Al-Adha 2024, Team Al-Wahab Foundation provided 26 Pots of cooked food to 1,300 beneficiaries in Surjani Town Sector 4-B, Kalapul, Jamhorya Colony, and Chitral so that they can have a nourishing meal while celebrating Eid with everyone around.


Over the years, Al-Wahab Foundation strived to make the Qurbani Project a source of deliverance to the underserved communities in Pakistan. As per the directions of Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab, we are committed to continuing with great dedication towards this project so that those individuals and families who cannot afford to eat meat throughout the year can benefit from this auspicious occasion. The distribution of Qurbani meat and cooked meals is not only meant to provide nourishment but also to make everyone a part of Eid celebrations, translating the true essence of Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi (AS). 

As we witness the transformative impact of this project, let us be inspired to contribute and be part of this noble cause, ensuring that no one goes hungry or feels forgotten during the blessed occasion of Eid al-Adha.