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Our Journey



Since 2014, Al-Wahab Foundation (AWF) has developed into a multifaceted organization, we have provided clean water to over 200,000 people, provided fresh meals and food packs to thousands more. We take great pride in our sustainable development projects too, which pull people out of poverty in the long term by making them independent, with means to generate their own income. We are dedicated to serving people on the grassroot levels, tackling larger issues of injustice and bringing long term positive change.


AWF (previously Ummah Charity International) has been creating networks of care and relief since 2014. Our chairperson Mufti Abdul Wahab saw first hand the devastation that natural disasters cause in already underdeveloped countries and decided to create an organization which extends a hand of support to people in such communities.

Our Journey

In 2014, Our first major project was our Ramadan appeal, under which we distributed thousands of Suhoor and iftar meals to families in need. We also started our Eid Gift Distribution, making Eid brighter for underprivileged children.

We provided food, water and medical aid to thousands of internally displaced individuals. We donated our first wheelchair too, prompting the start of our medical campaigns. The same year, we installed our first 9 hand-pumps and 1 water well, benefiting 1225 people as part of our Water Project.
AWF opened their first Maktab in Karachi, where we enrolled 250 children for our Hafiz-e-Quran project. We launched our first eye camp in Sindh in which we treated a total of 250 patients. The first batch for our Women Empowerment Project was selected where we distributed 40 sewing machines, benefiting a total of 320 beneficiaries. AWF helped urban flood victims in Pakistan by providing food, water & medical aid. Through Earthquake relief projects in North Pakistan, we provided food, water & shelter to over 720 displaced individuals and medical care to over 50 victims who were wounded or injured. As part of our Rozgar project, we helped two individuals start their small businesses in Karachi. Distributed over 1500 blankets through our Winter Project.
Our Sadaqah project was launched, giving aid across many vulnerable districts of Pakistan. We established our new school where we enrolled children from highly impoverished families, providing them with free quality education in both Islamic and secular subjects. We also developed our Maktab, Eyecare support and Cooked Food projects among many others.
Our team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers delivered freshly-cooked meals to a UK-based homeless shelter in Hayes. We responded to the Grenfell Tower tragedy by donating warm meals and clothing for all the affected as well as providing much-needed moral support. Our team of volunteers visited the inhabitants of Saharah Village to deliver food.

Our first Masjid was built in Pakistan, allowing 200 individuals to perform daily prayers. Crisis in Rohingya propelled us to send humanitarian aid to 2100 beneficiaries.
Our first house was built for our Tameer-e-Ashiana project for a family in desperate need of shelter. We began to support Fukouka School for children with special needs. In the UK, we provide fresh drinking water in parks during a particularly harsh heat wave. We gave boxing kits to two sisters to fulfil their dreams of following in the footsteps of their father in the boxing industry in rural Pakistan. The inauguration of our Street Children School saw 60 children enrolled.
Your Sadaqah Changed Tasleem Jahan’s Life!
Our team visited Mandeville school, where we organised activities with children with special needs. Our ‘Himmat Karo Aage Baro’ campaign saw the distribution of 50 food-delivery motorbikes to Pakistan’s troubled youth. Earthquake in Kashmir led to our Pakistan Earthquake Appeal which benefits 3460 victims. Our on-site team delivered aid to 500 victims in the Karachi cyclone, which led to families left in destruction. We held our first International Girls’ Day to encourage young girls in Karachi, Pakistan. Our ‘Walk for Children’s Education’ garnered the support of hundreds.
Thank you from Haleema
Our volunteers visited an old-age home where they interacted with the elderly in an entertaining and enjoyable environment in Hayes, London. We started our Feed the Homeless project in London, and distributed over 100 food bags to the most vulnerable segments of society in Covid. We also provided urgent relief to families in Pakistan in the form of food bags and sanitation equipment. We also had one of our most successful Ramadan projects in 2020.
We started our collaboration with London’s Community Kitchen to provide fresh weekly halal meals to families struggling to feed themselves in London. Our team of staff and volunteers also visited LCK’s office to create food bags for homeless and low-income families. Our chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab visited Pakistan after a year to oversee the implementation of our Masjid, Water, Rozgar, Eye Care and Cooked Food Projects.


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