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Mufti Abdul Wahab’s Pakistan Visit 2023: A Glimpse of Hope and Support

Earlier this month, Al-Wahab Foundation Chairman, Mufti Abdul Wahab Pakistan visit to oversee our various projects. His focus in the lead-up to the cold winter season, was on the distribution of Food Packs and Winter Survival Kits; to provide nourishment, warmth and comfort to those in desperate need. As always, our winter aid to impoverished communities was welcomed by hundreds of vulnerable families.

Mufti Abdul Wahab reached Karachi on 2nd November 2023 and immediately donned his supervisor cap, rolled up his sleeves and worked shoulder-to-shoulder with our team to deliver projects. Here is a glimpse into his activities during the visit:

Mufti Abdul Wahab Pakistan VisitMeeting with Eye Surgery Patients

Mufti Abdul Wahab has been supporting the cause of restoring eyesight for underprivileged patients through AWF’s Eye Care Initiative. Our team hosts Eye Care Camps in poor communities and provides free eye cataract surgery for patients identified as needing this life-changing intervention during these camps.

During his visit to Khalid Eye Hospital on November 2nd, Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab met with patients who had undergone successful cataract surgeries. After a thorough review of the arrangements and hearing the satisfaction of the patients, he expressed his delight in the project’s success.

Cooked Meals Distribution to Surgery Patients

Under the guidance of Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab, Al-Wahab Foundation not only offers free pick-and-drop services but also provides freshly cooked, hot meals to patients undergoing eye cataract surgery.

During his visit, Mufti Abdul Wahab actively participated in the distribution of these meals to surgery patients, ensuring that no one went hungry. Please continue to donate cooked meals through AWF’s Feed the Hungry Project to help us provide food to more people in need.

Reviewing Masjid Project Execution in Dadu

With the support of our generous donors, Al-Wahab Foundation has been working tirelessly towards our Build a Masjid project to construct mosques in distant parts of Sindh, Pakistan. During his Dadu tour, Mufti Wahab reviewed the execution and construction work of 8 mosques in several adjacent areas. Once completed, these mosques will allow locals to offer congregational prayers in a safe and secure place.

Food Packs DistributionFood Packs Distribution

Food Poverty is a major issue in Pakistan. So many people are struggling to make ends meet due to rising inflation and unemployment. Al-Wahab Foundation has been contributing towards food donation to provide ease to those families who are in desperate need.

Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab disbursed 500 Food Packs containing basic necessities like oil, flour, sugar, tea, rice, pulses, and other items to help feed a family of six for the whole month. This distribution event was organised in the District of Dadu to help the impoverished families residing there.

Overseeing Hand Pumps Installation in DaduOverseeing Hand Pumps Installation in Dadu

Al-Wahab Foundation’s Water for Life Project is dedicated to installing water hand pumps in areas lacking easy access to clean drinking water. Thanks to our generous donors and guidance from our Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab, we’ve successfully installed hand pumps in deprived parts of Dadu.

Chairman AWF personally visited these areas to oversee and ensure the effectiveness of the newly installed hand pumps. You can donate a water pump in Pakistan through our Water for Life Project to support many more people facing water scarcity.

Winter Survival Kits DistributionWinter Survival Kits Distribution

Annually, countless underprivileged individuals face a harsh winter without adequate resources for comfort and warmth. Thanks to our generous donors who contribute to our Winter Appeal, Al-Wahab Foundation can step in to support these families during this challenging season by providing comprehensive Winter Survival Kits.

These kits comprise essentials like gloves, caps, socks, blankets, shawls, and sweaters. Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab personally distributed 500 kits to the needy residents of Dadu, ensuring a more comfortable winter season for them.


Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab’s visit to Pakistan in November 2023 marked another year of remarkable achievements, and the year is not over yet! With your support, we can reiterate our commitment to serving humanity. From restoring eyesight through free cataract surgeries and distributing nourishing meals to surgery patients to overseeing the construction of much-needed mosques in Dadu District, every aspect of AWF’s work reflects its dedication to improving the lives of underprivileged communities.

The distribution of food packs and the installation of hand pumps in areas lacking clean drinking water further highlighted how we are contributing towards transforming lives in Pakistan as per the mission of Mufti Abdul Wahab. Moreover, the Winter Survival Kits will provide warmth and comfort to those in desperate need.

Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab’s personal involvement and hands-on approach demonstrate the compassion and leadership that continue to drive Al-Wahab Foundation’s impactful projects.