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Inaugration ceremony of Ummah Charity International in Pakistan.

This year we introduced Ummah Charity International in Pakistan and Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab invited people from the business sector and other sectors to provide them with an insight to the Charity. The inaugration ceremony was a successful event.

Tameer-e-ashiaana: In the previous trip the chairman had visited the houses that were under construction in start of the year. At this point, the construction was complete and the families were comfortably living in a place they could call home. The families were obliged to his visit and they shared their happiness with him.

Survey of water wells and hand pumps trip to interior Sindh took place, and Mufti Abdul Wahab visited a hard to reach area where the team of UCI installed water wells and hand pumps. 40,000 people had a changed life from the clean solutions. Not only that, but he also visited the homes of beneficiaries who were thankful and expressed their feelings with him. This was a great opportunity to raise awareness amongst these people regarding general hygiene and waterborne diseases.

Opening of newly re-constructed mosques: Many mosques have been under re-construction and are now complete. It was on the chairman’s agenda to visit all of them and these were pleasing moments as he performed Salaah with the people of the local area and made dua with them. These mosques are a hub for the communities where there were no mosques for miles. Once again the entire communities who are engaged with the mosques were sentimentally expressing their joys of having a mosque in the area.