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How Al-Wahab Foundation is Responding to Monsoon Flood in Pakistan?

Hundreds and thousands of locals lost their homes while the situation continues to get worst!

Since June, monsoon flooding in Pakistan has submerged one-third of the country, subsequently making countless locals lose their lives and homes. According to local authorities, the death toll has surpassed 1,100, with over 1,500 injured and millions displaced. Many parts of Pakistan have become unreachable, and rescuers are struggling to evacuate thousands of stranded people from affected areas.

How Al-Wahab Foundation is Responding to Monsoon Flood in Pakistan?

The disastrous floods in Pakistan have caused massive destruction while submerging one-third of the country. Nearly 33 million people have been affected, while the death toll has reached over 1,000. Countless victims are displaced and struggling to survive daily under constantly changing weather conditions. They have lost their homes and facing food scarcity for many days. In addition, the locals, especially children, are at high risk of contracting diseases. Despite emergency being declared across the country and ongoing relief operations, the devastation is beyond imagination, making it challenging to help the sufferers. 

As per the latest updates, monsoon flooding in Pakistan has killed 800,000 livestock. Over 100 bridges have collapsed while thousands of kilometres of roads have been destroyed. The situation is unpredictable now, as more rainfall can worsen it. It is the need of the hour to step forward and do our part in helping the flood victims to save their lives. Here is what Al-Wahab Foundation has done so far!

Al-Wahab Foundation’s Response to Monsoon Floods in Pakistan

Al-Wahab Foundation has always ensured to be on the front to respond to natural disasters in Pakistan. Whether it was the Earthquake or COVID-19, and now when one-third of the country is submerged in monsoon floods, the team has been on the ground since the first day. Mufti Abdul Wahab has specifically directed the team to be the first to provide relief to the flood victims. 

As Sindh is the most affected province due to this calamity, team AWF is serving cooked meals, food packs, clean drinking water, medical aid, and shelter for survival. Al-Wahab Foundation feeds a minimum of 500 people daily in calamity-stricken areas of Sindh.

Mufti Abdul Wahab’s Visit to Pakistan

To monitor the flood relief operations in Pakistan, Mufti Abdul Wahab reached Pakistan to visit the calamity-stricken areas of Sindh. During this tour, he visited Dadu, Khairpur Nathan Shah, Mehar, and Johi. These regions have witnessed widespread devastation, including damage to roads, infrastructure, crops, and livestock. Hundreds and thousands of locals are displaced while they are compelled to stay in the open due to an extreme lack of facilities.

Mufti Abdul Wahab ensured the provision of shelter to all those families who were homeless and needed support for their families for survival. Moreover, he directed team AWF to provide food packs to the flood victims residing in the tents. These food packs included different food items sufficient to feed a family for a month. In addition, Al-Wahab Foundation arranged to feed as many victims as possible under the supervision of Mufti Abdul Wahab.

With the contribution of donors, AWF also organised a medical camp as the flood victims are rapidly contracting diseases. The situation has led to the diagnosis of skin and eye infections, eye infections, diarrhoea, typhoid, and dengue fever. According to the latest UN reports, 44,000 malaria cases have been reported in southern Pakistan as hundreds and thousands of people are homeless. AWF supplied free medicines to the locals so that they could be treated in time.

During these flood relief operations in Sindh, the Pakistan Army and Navy accompanied Mufti Abdul Wahab to make the arrangements even more effective. The team has worked day and night tirelessly to rescue and serve the victims in the best possible ways.

How You Can Help the Flood Victims?

In this crucial time, everyone needs to step forward to help the flood victims by donating as much as possible. They are looking for hope, and you can bring them back to life by contributing to the cause with Al-Wahab Foundation. Here is how you can do something good for the sufferers:

Providing Cooked Meals and Food Packs

As flood victims in all parts of the country face food scarcity, it is the best time to help them by providing cooked meals and food packs. To feed them, you can donate £100 for two food packs or £300 to feed 300 people.

Medical Aid

The flood victims are compelled to live in the open in stagnant floodwaters, which is the leading cause of the rapid spread of the diseases. To assist the ailing flood victims, it is essential to make arrangements for medical camps and emergency kits, including medicines and other necessary items for treatment. Your contribution of £100 can make medical aid reach the maximum number of victims.

Donating for Clean Drinking Water

As the torrential monsoon flooding destroyed everything on a large scale, the calamity-stricken people lack access to drinking water. To avoid contracting waterborne diseases, it is the need of the hour to deliver victims with clean drinking water. Donate £50 and save their lives.

Shelter for the Homeless

For all those who are bound to live in the open, your contribution can bring them under shelter to ensure safe survival. AWF also provides mosquito repellent nets to keep the calamity-stricken locals safe from malaria. Donate £100 and be their hope in this difficult time.


Al-Wahab Foundation is doing its best to relieve as many victims as possible in the flood-affected areas. This campaign aims to save the people of Pakistan living through massive devastation caused by record-breaking flooding. Mufti Abdul Wahab is personally monitoring the relief activities and ensuring every penny donated for the cause reaches the right destination. Step forward and be their hope to live again by contributing generously towards the cause.



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