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Clean Water Crisis Facts and Information | How Al-Wahab Foundation Is Helping the Needy to Survive

Clean water is an essential human right, yet millions of people across the globe still lack access to safe and clean drinking water. The clean water crisis is a pressing global issue with far-reaching repercussions for health, sanitation, and the overall environment.

Though the water crisis is something that cannot be ignored at any level, even then there is a lot that we still don’t know about how it has been affecting people around the world. Here we have compiled a few facts and information regarding the clean water crisis and a word on how Al-Wahab Foundation is helping to cope with this matter.

Facts No: 1 – Clean Water Crisis: Facts That You Should Know!

1. Lack of Clean Drinking Water

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, around 785 million people worldwide don’t have access to clean drinking water. Exposure to unsafe water sources increases the risk of waterborne diseases like cholera, dysentery, and typhoid.

2. Long-distance Commute for Clean Water

One of the most unfortunate facts contributing to the clean water crisis is that people from various villages have to travel long distances to fetch water to meet daily requirements. This exercise not only wastes much time but also makes it difficult to get a sufficient quantity of water to serve the family’s needs. According to a survey, Women and girls spend an estimated 200 million hours carrying water every day.

3. Risk of Waterborne Diseases

Following the shortage of clean water resources, people mostly have to use water from rivers, open or unsafe wells, and even ponds which increases the risk of their exposure to waterborne diseases. As per reports, more than 800 children under the age of five suffer and lose their life from Diarrhea due to the usage of contaminated water.

4. Reasons for Clean Water Crisis

The main reasons nominated behind the crisis of clean drinking water include:

  • Industrial pollution is pushed into clean water sources leading to unsafe consumption of water.
  • Global warming is drying up major water resources posing a challenge to serving the daily needs of people around the world.
  • Increasing population is one of the factors leading to a lack of access to clean drinking water in different communities.
  • Improper sanitation system has increased the risk of waterborne diseases due to contamination.
  • Lack of water wells in different communities and villages leads to water scarcity.

Facts No: 2 – Role of Charity Organisations in Dealing With Water Crisis

There are many charity organisations that are dedicated to dealing with water scarcity in various parts of the world. Their aim is to alleviate clean water crisis by installing fresh water sources like hand pumps and water wells to provide easy and safe access to the communities where there is a dire need. Individuals from all over the world donate for a water well so that a whole community is served well with convenient access to clean water source.

Facts No: 3 – How Al-Wahab Foundation Is Helping the Needy to Survive?

clean water crisisAl-Wahab Foundation being one of the best clean water charities, believes in serving humanity with compassion and generosity, to relieve the hardships of those who are disadvantaged or suffering. AWF’s mission is to reach out to serve more people, especially in the vulnerable areas of Pakistan and Africa where water remains unsafe or unavailable due to a lack of infrastructure.

For this purpose, the charity has been installing water hand pumps and water wells in different parts of Pakistan and Uganda to help people have easy access to clean drinking water.


Facts No: 4 – What We Have Achieved So Far?

donate a water handpump1. Water Pump Charity & Installation

With our donors contributing their Sadaqah and Zakat donations towards the cause, our team is on the ground working to deal with clean water crisis. For more than 10 years, Al-Wahab Foundation has been working in rural areas across Pakistan, installing freshwater sources to provide clean water. To date, we have installed 4,772 hand pumps facilitating 121,800 beneficiaries and we aim to expand it for a better reach out with your continued support to water pump project.

2. Water Well Donation & Installation

Al-Wahab Foundation has been actively operating in rural areas across Pakistan, ensuring access to clean water by supporting water well project. We have accomplished installing 443 water wells providing fresh water sources to 110,750 beneficiaries.

3. Dealing with the Water Crisis in Uganda

Al-Wahab Foundation actively addresses the water crisis by constructing wells and water hand pumps in Uganda. These efforts not only bring clean water closer to communities but also significantly improve their health and overall well-being. Our team was able to dig water wells in remote villages at the site located in Namabasa Sirji Mbale District. Subsequently, safe drinking water was provided to the deprived and needy community. An average of 700 people will benefit from this water well on a daily basis.

Facts No: 5 – Why to Donate a Water Well Through Al-Wahab Foundation?

Donating a water well to Al-Wahab Foundation is not just a simple act of charity; it’s a step towards creating a lasting impact. Here’s why you should consider supporting the Water for Life Project at AWF:

Saving Lives: With your Sadaqah and Zakat donation towards the Water for Life project, together we can provide access to clean water which is a basic human right. Your contribution ensures that communities struggling without clean water can survive better.

Keeping Hope Alive for Vulnerable Communities: By donating for water well, you’re providing hope to some of the most vulnerable communities. Clean water brings about immediate improvements in health, sanitation, and overall well-being.

Saving Time and Struggle: With your support, AWF can help communities save their time and struggle to fetch water from far-off areas on a regular basis. In this way, children can attend school regularly, women can engage in income-generating activities, and families can lead healthier lives.

Providing Sustainability: Al-Wahab Foundation’s commitment to sustainability ensures that your donation has a lasting impact. The water wells and pumps installed are maintained, ensuring access to clean water for years to come, contributing to combating the clean water crisis in the future.