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Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab’s Visit to Pakistan

After not being able visit Pakistan for a year due to the pandemic, AWFs Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab visited Pakistan this November to oversee the implementation of our various projects, meet people who have been provided relief and to attend our Livelihood and Disability support distribution events. This visit allowed him a closer look into the lives of people who benefit from our work and the generosity of our donors, while also ensuring that the aid provided is distributed and utilized in an adequate and fair manner.

Our chairman’s vision has been clear since he registered the charity in 2012: to make a real difference in the world by creating sustainable support networks that provide immediate as well as long term relief. And to realize this vision, he is always more than willing to work on the ground himself, listen to people’s troubles and devise solutions for them.

Covid Concerns

He was deeply concerned about the operations of the charity as the Covid-19 pandemic hit and made it difficult for our teams to work in the way they did before. To resolve this, he acted promptly and instructed firm guidelines around safety that everyone on ground followed to ensure that the work continues as before, and it did! Similarly, during his visit, he made sure everyone followed safety precautions whether that be a distribution event or visiting vulnerable communities.

The Legacy continues

Despite the challenges that our team faced due to the epidemic, Team AWF, under the guidance of their chairman was able to achieve all their set goals and more in the past year. During his visit, our chairman oversaw the working and completion numerous projects, injecting a new wave of inspiration and motivation in our team members and beneficiaries alike.

The distribution ceremony for our Rozgar Project was held at Governor House Sindh as our chairman thought it would be most suited to give people a chance at a new life in a respectable manner and a well reputed venue. A total of 15 autorickshaws were personally handed over by the chairman to the beneficiaries

Donate an Auto Rickshaw for £1500

While talking to a member of Team AWF, one of the people who received a rickshaw said:

“My name is Tanveer Ahmed Khan, I have eight members in my family, including my parents, wife and children. My father is a heart patient, which is why he cannot work, leaving me as the sole bread winner. Things have been difficult for me and my family as I couldn’t find stable employment but this help will change all that. I will finally be able to buy medication for my father and feed my family without having to worry constantly. “

Such words of admiration and gratitude were echoed by everyone who received the help they needed. 

Donate Two Sewing Machine for £150

Two other significant events our chairman personally oversaw were the sewing machine and wheelchair distribution events for our women empowerment and disability support projects respectively, both held at Governor House Sindh. Helping women, especially those with families to support has been a top priority of ours and in that regard, our chairman wanted to use this event to say words of motivation and support for to these underprivileged women while distributing the 200 sewing machines.

Similarly, he also said words of encouragement for people living with disabilities, congratulating them for making the first move towards a more independent life.

Sponsor a Maktab for a Year in £360

For AWF chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab, a visit to Pakistan is incomplete until he meets and talks to the students enrolled in our Maktabs in Ibrahim Hydari and Burmi Colony. He is very keen on making sure these vulnerable children are receiving quality Islamic education in a safe environment and on that end, he personally talked to the students and teachers during this visit to ensure smooth workings.

To get a better sense of the projects on ground, he also visited one of our newly completed water hand pumps in a remote location Sanghar, Sindh.

He also attended three of AWF’s Eye camps in Kalapul, Old Sabzi Mandi and Al Basheer Hospital, Karachi, to talk to people who were there to receive free optical care and ensure that the service they were receiving were up to the mark.

Lastly, he also made it a point to join our team for one of our cooked food distributions in Burmi Colony, which happens multiple times a month. It is because he believes strongly in following the sunnah of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) who said that giving people food is the best form of charity.

Our chairman completed the visit content with the dedication and hard work of AWF and touched by the kind words of gratitude of the beneficiaries.