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Case Study: Kalim & his family Journey

Your Generosity Provided Kaleem and His Family with Iftar Packs in Ramadan 2023

Generosity Provided Kaleem and His Family with Iftar Packs in Ramadan 2023

Kaleem resides in Babu Bethani Goth, Sindh, supporting a family of ten as a labourer with an unpredictable income. His daily earnings of 18,000 are insufficient to cover the needs of his four daughters and five sons. As the sole breadwinner, Kaleem faces varying circumstances each day, presenting a constant challenge.

During Ramadan, ensuring his family did not miss suhoor or experience scarcity during iftar was a significant struggle for Kaleem. Reflecting on his profession, he shared,

“I have been working as a laborer for many years now. The income in this field is uncertain, leading to instability for most workers’ families. During Ramadan, when we aim to concentrate on fasting, our focus shifts to arranging meals for the kids due to the unpredictability of our earnings. These fluctuations are a part of our life.”

Kaleem was among many individuals worried about meeting nutritional needs last Ramadan. However, with the support of compassionate donors and Al-Wahab Foundation, as it does every year, extended a helping hand to him and numerous other underprivileged families. AWF provides Iftar packs to those in greatest need, comprising a nutritious and considerable meal for the entire family.

Expressing his gratitude, Kaleem stated,

“I want to express my thanks to Mufti Abdul Wahab, Al-Wahab Foundation, and everyone who contributed to this noble cause. Your generosity has allowed us to have a peaceful Ramadan without concerns about iftar meals. Allah has been kind, and it is your benevolence that has enabled my family to observe fasts comfortably this Ramadan.”

The Prophet (saw) said, ‘Whoever feeds a person breaking his fast will earn the same reward as him, without anything being lessened from the reward of the fasting person’. [Tirmidhi]

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