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Case Study: Razia's Journey

Razia's Heartfelt Thanks: Al-Wahab Foundation's Free Eye Care Camps!

Razia Heartfelt Thanks. Al-Wahab Foundation Free Eye Care Camps

Meet Razia – a resident of Lyari, an underdeveloped locality in Karachi, Pakistan. Like numerous individuals in her community, Razia faces innumerable challenges in her daily life, primarily stemming from the lack of adequate healthcare facilities that are both accessible and affordable. Among these challenges, Razia has been suffering from eyesight issues that have been compounded by the financial constraints that prevent her from seeking proper medical treatment.

“My name is Razia and I live in Lyari, an underdeveloped locality where numerous individuals experience various constraints. Our daily lives are challenged by a multitude of problems coming our way, prominently the absence of adequate healthcare facilities, which are also not financially accessible. I’ve been suffering from eyesight issues, hindered by the financial constraints of seeking treatment.”

Living in Lyari, Razia has encountered various hurdles that hinder her overall well-being. Razia’s eyesight issues have significantly impacted her quality of life, and her ability to access proper treatment has been restricted by the financial burdens she faces. This situation is representative of the broader struggles faced by Lyari’s residents who find themselves trapped in a cycle of limited resources and restricted opportunities for growth and development.

However, a glimmer of hope arrived when Al-Wahab Foundation organized an eye care camp within the Lyari community, aiming to provide much-needed assistance to individuals like Razia. Her experience at the eye care camp was a turning point in her journey toward better vision. At the camp, she received not only cost-free consultations but also essential medications to address her eyesight issues. The camp, facilitated by Al-Wahab Foundation, brought hope and relief to Razia and others who had long been burdened by health challenges and financial constraints.

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