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Case Study: Hussain's Journey

Overcoming Hardship: Hussain's Journey with Disability and Support from Al-Wahab Foundation

Overcoming Hardship: Hussain's Journey with Disability and Support from Al-Wahab FoundationHussain is a 35-year-old man from Uganda who has been living with a physical disability since birth. He has faced numerous challenges throughout his life due to his disability, including difficulty finding work and providing for himself and his family.

“My name is Hussain and I belong to a poverty-stricken background. My physical disability has always made it challenging for me to support myself and my family financially. Despite my efforts, I have been unable to find work due to my condition, leaving us struggling every day to make ends meet.”

Chairman AWF Mufti Abdul Wahab visited Uganda to serve as many deprived families as possible by distributing food packs among the needy. The food pack contained essential items such as rice, beans, cooking oil, and flour, which would last him and his family for a month.

Hussain was incredibly grateful to the Al-Wahab Foundation for their support. The food pack not only provided him with the necessary nourishment he and his family needed, but it also gave him a sense of hope and encouragement during a difficult time. He shared his experience with his friends and family, telling them how the foundation had helped him in his time of need.

“I feel deeply grateful to Mufti Abdul Wahab and the Al-Wahab Foundation for their kind efforts to assist our community. The provision of these food packs will enable my family to have access to nourishing meals, and I cannot express my appreciation enough for their compassionate gesture.”

The assistance provided by the Al-Wahab Foundation has made a significant impact on Hussain’s life, allowing him to focus on other important aspects of his life without worrying about where his next meal would come from. AWF’s efforts to support those in need, particularly those with disabilities, have made a significant difference in the lives of many people like Hussain. Be a part of our “Hope for Uganda” Project to support many more like Hussain.

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