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AWF's Water Pump Revives Hope For Ibrahim This Muharram!

AWF'S WATER PUMP REVIVES HOPE FOR IBRAHIM THIS MUHARRAM!Meet Muhammad Ibrahim – a resident of Mithi, a village in the Tharparkar district of Sindh. Like many others in his community, Muhammad Ibrahim struggled to access safe and sufficient water for drinking, cooking, hygiene and other needs. The lack of proper water infrastructure meant the residents of Mithi had to travel long distances to collect water from open water sources. Often, it is the children who have to make the daily trek, exposed to the elements and other risks on the route. The water is polluted as it’s used for drinking by animals and also by people to bathe and wash clothes in. This unsafe water makes people vulnerable to waterborne diseases, which cause gastrointestinal conditions resulting in diarrhoea and dehydration.

Muhammad Ibrahim tells us his story: “My name is Muhammad Ibrahim and I live here in Mithi. We are 14 family members, but only three of us are earning to meet our daily needs. Survival is difficult with limited wages and rising inflation. We struggle hard every day to make ends meet. The biggest problem we face is the lack of access to clean drinking water. We have to go to far-off areas to fetch water and that water is also not clean or safe to drink.”

Al-Wahab Foundation intervened and installed a hand pump in Mithi – just one of the hundreds of water solutions we provide in Pakistan and other countries. The hand pump allows access to safer underground water for the whole community. It has changed the lives of the local residents overnight. Now, instead of walking for many hours to collect water, they have a convenient water source on their doorstep. The hand pump not only saves them time and physical effort but has also improved their overall health and wellbeing. Most importantly, it gives them hope for a better future.

Muhammad Ibrahim explains: “We are greatly thankful to Al-Wahab Foundation and Mufti Abdul Wahab for understanding our problem and installing this water hand pump. It is a huge help as it provides us with safe and clean drinking water. May Allah (SWT) bless Mufti Abdul Wahab and the dedicated team of Al-Wahab Foundation for this kindness. Your help has provided us great relief in our lives.”

AWF’s Water Project – Uplifting communities through Sadaqah Jariyah

Did you know that donating water in Muharram holds special significance for Muslims? It symbolises our gratitude and empathy for the suffering endured during the tragic events of Karbala. The noble grandson of the Prophet (PBUH), Imam Hussain (A.S) and his companions faced the harsh desert without water, and many died of thirst.

We can honour the memory of these martyrs by donating water during this sacred month. It is a reminder of their selflessness and sacrifice. Can you support those facing water shortages by donating your Zakat and Sadaqah to our Water Project this Muharram? Provide relief to our brothers and sisters who are suffering without this essential that we take for granted. Make the most of the month of Muharram by supporting our water project now.