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Case Study: mehwish ali's Journey

Mehwish Ali in Smiles As She Receives Eid Gift Pack from AWF

Mehwish All in Smiles As She Receives Eid Gift Pack from AWF

Meet Mehwish, an innocent girl from a family of 11 who has been attending a Madrassah for 7 years, receiving comprehensive religious and general education. Her father, the sole earner as a butcher, faces the significant challenge of fulfilling the wishes and needs of their large family, especially during occasions like Eid.

“My father, being a butcher, is the sole provider for our family of 11 members. It’s challenging for him to meet our family’s needs. During Eid, my siblings and I always hope for new clothes to celebrate the occasion.”

Al-Wahab Foundation consistently prioritizes spreading joy by assisting people in ways they need. Just like every year, AWF distributed Eid Gift Packs to families unable to celebrate the festivities with their children.

Expressing her gratitude, Mehwish said,

“I want to extend my thanks to Mufti Abdul Wahab and Al-Wahab Foundation for providing us with these Eid Gift Packs and making our Eid truly special.”

Donate now by visiting our website to contribute Eid Gifts to many more deserving families this year at or call us at 0208 903 8944, and reap the rewards this Ramadan.