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AWF Cooked Meals Project - Lifeline to Sakina & Family in Muharram

AWF COOKED MEALS PROJECT - LIFELINE TO SAKINA & FAMILY IN MUHARRAMMeet Sakina Bibi. She and her family have experienced the harsh realities of food deprivation first-hand. They live in Thar, an arid region in southern Pakistan, known for its harsh climate and limited resources. Thar also faces recurring droughts, making it incredibly difficult for the local population, who rely on subsistence farming to feed themselves. And, as food prices increase because of shortages, families find it near-impossible to eat even one nutritious meal a day. Many, especially young children suffer from malnutrition which has long-term health and developmental issues. The entire community suffer the consequences of food scarcity.

Sakina Bibi explains: “My name is Sakina Bibi, and I am a mother to four children. My husband is disabled and all I can do is earn by stitching the clothes of the residents in surrounding areas. The constant struggle to feed my family is my biggest challenge in life. We even can’t afford treatment for my husband. A few kind-hearted people help us through different means and that’s how we have been managing for the last 5 years.”

AWF Chairman, Mufti Abdul Wahab recognised the urgency of the situation in Thar. He initiated our Cooked Food Project during the holy month of Muharram to help alleviate people’s suffering. Our teams prepare mass meals and local people are invited to share a hot meal together, bringing relief to the starving.

Our Cooked Food Project has made a huge difference in the lives of Sakina Bibi and her family, as well as the whole community. Here is what Sakina Bibi has to say: “I am thankful to Mufti Abdul Wahab Sahab and Al-Wahab Foundation for providing my children with freshly cooked nutritious meals, which is a ray of hope towards a better life for us. May Allah (SWT) bless you all.”

AWF’s Cooked Food Project – Saving Lives and Giving Hope

Islam places great emphasis on charity and helping our Muslim brothers and sisters. Feeding the hungry is highly regarded and brings immense blessings to those who participate in it. What better time to do this than during sacred occasions like Muharram?

There are many more communities like Sakina Bibi’s that require help. Can you donate your Zakat or Sadaqah to our Cooked Food Project this Muharram? By contributing to our Cooked Food Project, you provide life-saving sustenance to those in need and earn countless rewards. Together, we can achieve bigger and better and reach even more hungry people. Make the most of the month of Muharram by donating to our Cooked Food Project now.