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Al-Wahab Foundation's Efforts to Bring Joy to Kiran's Family on Eid-Al-Adha


Every year, Al-Wahab Foundation strives to extend its reach to families who cannot even imagine celebrating Eid-Al-Adha and fulfilling the obligation of sacrifice. The essence of Qurbani lies in sharing blessings and happiness with those who are less fortunate. In pursuit of this, our goal is to provide the meat from your Qurbani to those who truly deserve it.

Meet Kiran, a widow, and mother of seven children who has been living hand to mouth, facing severe financial constraints as there is no breadwinner in their family.

“My name is Kiran, and I reside in Raar, Sindh. I was married for twenty-five years. My husband, who was a labourer, passed away due to a heart attack. Ever since his demise, our household has lacked a source of income. I am left to care for these young ones, and being a single parent, it is exceedingly difficult to manage everything.”

Kiran faces tremendous challenges, particularly in caring for her mentally retarded son. His ongoing medical expenses add to the burden of their daily struggle for meals.

“My son is mentally retarded, and his medical expenses persist, but there is no one to earn for us. My daughter and I sustain ourselves by doing embroidery. Some people from the village offer us support in the form of Zakat, Fitrana, and the like. With this assistance, we are able to meet our household expenses.”

Given the heart-wrenching circumstances under which Kiran and her family are surviving, Al-Wahab Foundation extended its support to ensure they could experience a joyful Eid by providing them with Qurbani meat. We always strive to ensure that the contributions from our generous donors reach those who truly need them.

“We are immensely grateful to Al-Wahab Foundation. We will all consume the sacrificial meat you provided, and my children will pray for you abundantly. This is truly a blessing for us, especially during these challenging times we are going through.”

Spreading smiles through compassion is our yearly objective, and we can achieve it with your continued support. The share of Qurbani meat brought hope to Kiran and her family, reminding them that there is still a joy to be cherished in life.

“I wish you all Eid Mubarak and extend my gratitude for the sacrifice and kindness you have shown my family by providing this meat. May Allah accept your sacrifices.”

To support this cause and be a part of our Qurbani project, please consider donating at or contact us at 020 8903 8944. Your support will make a significant difference..