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Help the Homeless in the UK

As winter sets in, the current situation in the UK is becoming increasingly
challenging. The Cost-of-Living crisis, rising energy prices and housing rates
have increased the number of people forced into homelessness. Your donation
of a Winter Survival Kit can help ease their hardship and protect people from
the cold. Give now to help those suffering homelessness.

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Donate now to protect people from the cold.

Homelessness is an experience no-one should suffer. Soaring prices, struggling public services and a long-running London housing crisis has increased the number of people who are homeless. Hundreds of people in London spend day and night on the streets, camped on cold pavements in damp and freezing conditions. Your donation of a Winter Survival Kit can bring them comfort and keep them warm in bitter temperatures.

Keep them warm this winter.

Rising inflation and an approaching UK recession mean that those who are on the lowest incomes are the hardest hit. For many, this has meant incurring crippling debt or losing their home due to rent arrears – leaving them with nowhere to go. More than 32,000 adults and 14,000 children are thought to be homeless in the UK right now – a shocking increase of 28,000 households since last year. *

During the winter, these people need your support more than ever. Warm blankets, clothes, hats and gloves can provide relief from icy winds and frost, protecting them from serious health conditions. Dark nights bring lower temperatures which can be dangerous, particularly for those who are already vulnerable.

Give a Winter Survival Kit today.

We are working across London to distribute essential Winter Survival Kits to people who are homeless. With your donation of just £50, we can give a kit consisting of sleeping bag, socks, hat and gloves. These items are vital – without them people resort to using cardboard, rubbish, old clothing or whatever else they can find for protection against the elements. In desperation to avoid the cold, women and young people are often exploited.

We know times are hard for everyone right now, but your donation can literally mean a difference between health and serious illness. Without warm clothing, hypothermia or frostbite can be the real consequences of living on the streets during the UK winter, where a cold snap can be highly dangerous for those without shelter.

Give a Winter Survival Kit today and help change tonight for someone suffering homelessness. Your donation can protect people and save lives this winter.

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