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Ummah Charity International is now Al-Wahab Foundation


Give the gift of sight

Around 2.2 million people around the world struggle with blindness and vision impairment and almost half off those are treatable – yet many people living in poverty are denied the right to sight simply because they cannot afford treatment. Al-Wahab Foundation is working to deliver free eye camps to disadvantaged communities, treating and restoring eyesight. Give today to give the gift of sight.

Eye Camp

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Eye Camp

Donate to Restore Their Vision

We believe that no one should have to spend their lives with preventable blindness simply because of poverty. Across Pakistan and many other countries, refracted errors and cataracts are the leading causes of blindness, affecting thousands of people living in poverty. Our Eye Care Camps provide free eye consultations and treatment to those in need, restoring not just their sight but their independence and freedom. When you give the gift of sight, you also help people back in to work and improve their wellbeing, benefitting whole families with simple, affordable treatment.

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Eye Camps
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Fighting Global Blindness

We are working across Pakistan delivering Eye Care Camps in disadvantaged communities to people who do not have access to healthcare. Our consultant service ensures that treatment is tailored and provides surgery and medication to combat vision impairment and blindness. We treat children, adults and the elderly with sight-saving, high-quality medical care to help them back into education, work and their daily activities.

For just £500 you can sponsor an Eye Care Camp to provide the facilities and equipment needed to treat hundreds of people. Your donation helps us in the global fight against preventable blindness, giving the gifts of sight and hope to those who struggle in poverty.

Your donations helped Fauzia to see again.

“I am a widow and a single mother of four. My eldest son is twelve years old, and the poor child must help me take care of his younger siblings. In such circumstances, when it is difficult to pay the tuition fee for my children, how could I think of my own treatment for eyes? Someone told me that Al-Wahab Foundation arranges free eye care camps to treat those who cannot afford it themselves. The organisation arranged an eye camp in our area, and I got a free consultation and medication. I really needed this help as I have been struggling with poor vision for years but did not have the money for even a simple check-up. Being compassionate is a sign of a good human being and people who contribute to this good cause with Al-Wahab Foundation will always be in my prayers.”

How we are restoring sight with your support.

Our Eye Care project has helped over 26,000 beneficiaries, bringing light to the lives of those who had been living in darkness. The donations that you give enable us to set up eye camps in the most underserved areas, through which a team of qualified doctors provides free consultations, medication and eyeglasses. 

Under free eye care camps, around 400 to 500 patients are examined and those who are advised for cataract surgeries are provided with free of charge facility with thorough after-care. then further provided with cataract surgery facility. Team Al-Wahab Foundation gives pick-and-drop facility to those surgery patients and provides them with hot meals. Patients enjoy restored and better vision, improving their wellbeing and relieving them from suffering. By improving eyesight, those living in poverty now also have a chance to secure work and provide income and support to their households.

We are working to extend our Eye Care Camps to new areas, ensuring that your donations reach those in the most rural areas and those most in need. With your Sadaqah and Zakat, we can work together to give back the gift of sight to children and adults struggling with preventable vision impairment and blindness.


We receive your donation of Eye Camp.


Our team finalise the location.


Eye camps are established in the chosen locations and initial assessments are conducted by qualified doctors. Free medicines and treatments are provided to each patient.


Detailed feedback reports are sent to those who donated a complete Eye Camp.

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