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A Look Back at 2021

The past year was not easy for any of us. With covid numbers soaring despite the promise of the vaccine, unstable economy and rising inflation, life for everyone across the globe has been challenging to say the least. However, no can deny that things have been particularly more difficult for those who were already living in poverty.

We, at Ummah Charity understand that struggles of families living on the brink of starvation in a world that is getting progressively more difficult to survive in. Therefore, last year we did everything we could to help out. We strategized to take long and short-term projects go hand in hand to provide people with both urgent aid and life-long support.

Towards the end of 2021, when covid restriction relaxed a little, our chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab visited Pakistan twice to personally oversee the completion of one of our most important projects. The purpose of his visit was not only ensuring that the donations were utilized in the most appropriate manner but to also meet and speak words of encouragement and hope to our beneficiaries.

In this November visit, Mufti Abdul Wahab distributed tools of generating a stable livelihood through our Rozgar and Women Empowerment Project, visited our newly installed handpumps and wells, inaugurated a new Maktab and visited a number of AWF eye camps, to read more about that visit, read our previous blog here!

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Your Donation Helps Children Like Hamza!

This is Hamza Ahmed. Him and his five siblings live with their parents in a small one-bedroom house. Life is generally not easy them but come winters things get more difficult as they simply cannot afford the supplies they need to keep themselves warm and safe. It was to help children like Hamza that AWF started its winter project, it is important to us that no one is left behind to struggle in the harsh months of winter. Upon getting a new warm blanket from AWF, Hamza, like many others, smiled and said thank you.

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In December, he visited Pakistan again to participate in a number of other crucial projects. One of them being our winter project, through which we distribute warm clothing, food and other essentials to people living in unstable shelters in the harsh weather. This project is one of those which provides much needed urgent relief to people navigating highly unfavourable conditions. Read more about the work we do in our winter project here.

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Another important event that Mufti Abdul Wahab became a part of was the cash aid distribution for Karachi Christian Community’s 25th December Celebration. He understands it as crucial to stand in solidarity with disenfranchised minorities irrelevant of their religion, reflecting AWF’s vision of putting humanity first.

He also became a part of the delivery motorcycle distribution event which provided means to a decent livelihood to thirty more families, encouraging them to start their lives anew. Lastly, he also started a new project called “Sasti Roti” or Affordable Food project in an underdeveloped area in Sindh.

These are just some of the many projects we worked on in the last year, we’re looking to sharing more with you so stay tuned!