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Case Study: shehnaz riaz's Journey

Your Zakat Donation Gave the Gift of Sight to Shehnaz Riaz in Ramadan 2023

Your Zakat Donation Gave the Gift of Sight to Shehnaz Riaz in Ramadan 2023

Meet Shehnaz Riaz, a resident of the New Karachi locality and a member of a five-person family where financial responsibilities are shared by two individuals.

Shehnaz endured vision-related issues for over five years, stating,

“I have been dealing with vision problems. Although one of my one eye underwent surgery earlier, my resources were limited for the operation on the second eye.”

Thanks to the generous Zakat donations from our esteemed donors, Al-Wahab Foundation organized free eye camps in an underprivileged area of Karachi. Upon learning about the eye camp, Shehnaz seized the opportunity to have her eyes examined.

Describing her experience, Shehnaz expressed,

“The team went beyond a simple assessment, providing a comprehensive eye check-up. Furthermore, they identified the need for cataract surgery, essential for one of my eyes. On the surgery day, Al-Wahab Foundation arranged transportation for patients like me. Their dedication extended to ensuring we were well-fed with nutritious meals during this period. The entire surgical process was made seamless and hassle-free by their efforts. I express deep gratitude and pray for blessings from Allah for Al-Wahab Foundation team and Mufti Abdul Wahab. Their selflessness and generosity have left a lasting impact on me.”

To donate your Zakat this Ramadan to Al-Wahab Foundation, visit our website or call us at 020 8903 8944.