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Begin your Islamic Year by giving to the most deprived

Donation for Most Deprived Communities: As the first month of the Islamic calendar, the month of Muharram marks the beginning of the new year. It also is one of the four sacred months which Allah (s. w. t) has mentioned in the Quran. We know that Prophet Muhammad (s.a. w) is reported to have said: ‘Charity does not in any way increase wealth…’ Therefore we must not hesitate to give charity in the path of Allah (s. w. t).

Muharram, and in particular the Day of Ashura, is a great time to give to those who need it more than you. Not only will your rewards for this good deed be multiplied, but giving sadaqah also removes your sins and stands in the way of calamity.

Giving sadaqah with Ummah Charity International ensures that the most vulnerable are aided through your generous donations and we have a multitude of projects which you can give through, whether you build a water well, prevent starvation or give a child a well-needed education, Ummah Charity International has a variety of options for you to choose from.

Help Us By Your Donation for Most Deprived Communities

Why not support your fellow Muslim brothers, sisters, and children by giving them the gift of clean water through a water well for only £700, or a hand pump for just £150 which can change the trajectory of so many vulnerable individuals.

Why not send someone a meal this Muharram and put an end to their starvation? Millions of people die every year due to extreme hunger and thirst. We need to put an end to this, yet we can only achieve this noble goal through your support and dedication. Make sure you become a part of UCI’s kitchen which will actively be providing meals throughout the month of Muharram.

More importantly, UCI’s chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab has taken the initiative of serving humanity by personally working on the ground in Pakistan to ensure that enough water wells and hand pumps are being installed in several locations. He will also be distributing warm and nutritious meals in the most vulnerable areas with his team members.

Why not set up a standing order to help provide practical, psychological, and emotional support to the families of our beneficiaries’? This is the best time to set up a standing order for any project you feel you would like to contribute towards, and you can mark the first month of the Islamic calendar as a life-changing year for someone who is in dire need.